February 19, 2024

The 2% Solution

By admin

T-Rump is a jack hole.

We know that.

We also know there’s a creeping possibility – sickening as it may seem – that a win will come his way.

His bullying and collusion with Putin are no less than a mafia thug threatening violence to small business owners if they don’t pay protection fees.

So what do we do?

Relabel expenses.

Let me explain. Every year, with more and more REAL scientific data proving that climate change is a ‘thing’ (not that fake shit that oil companies keep pretending is research), every creature on the planet is affected by:

  • Fires that rage out of control.
  • Flooding that seeps into our infrastructure.
  • Habitat loss removing any refuge from human activity.
  • Potentially cataclysmic events because we’re stupid things like fracking too close to places like the Yellowstone Super Volcano or tectonic fault lines.
  • Drought resulting from greedy corporations tapping underground source water supplies.
  • Extinction.
  • And so much more …

In 2023, Canada committed to spending 1.3% of our annual federal budget or $36.7 billion taxpayer dollars as a result of bullies like Trump extorting us for NATO expenditures. This comes at the expense of health care, education, public transit, drug programs, helping to save the planet and hundreds of other programs. This money was pissed away on military contractors that reap the full benefits of tribal bickering and asinine religious beliefs.

So … relabeling expenses is simply identifying more programs (temporarily) as ‘military’ as these expenses help our country:

  • Fire crews & planes / boats that are designed to save our forests.
  • Sandbaggers & digging crews that help Canadians stay dry as our oceans rise.
  • Forest remediation ‘armies’ that include field recording experts to compile before and after sound scapes, veterinarians that will help study animals in their environments and biologists that will study and document non-human activities.

You see where this goes.

The bullying won’t stop.

So let’s get started with finding clever and effective ways to spend our money.