January 13, 2023

The Shadow Pandemic

By admin

I’m so glad that during the pandemic most of our governments went out of their way to keep liquour stores open.

Many argued that people with dependencies and tendency towards alcoholism would get violent and depressed if they were forced to rehabilitate.

Unfortunately, the whole situation lead to what’s now being described as the SHADOW PANDEMIC. Alcohol, drug and other addictions skyrocketed during the various states of lockdown.

Stats Canada reported massive spikes in deaths associated with alcohol and other barbituates during the pandemic.

I suspect that other accounts of issues related to the pandemic, including domestic abuse, gaming addiction and other mental health problems will also be reported in the coming weeks and possibly years.

Look … we all did what we had to. It worked.

But before we all go skipping along post-Covid declaring that everything is ticketyboo, let’s make sure that we make a commitment to help ALL of those who have been affected by the pandemic.