May 17, 2012

Analog Thinking for a Digital Age

By admin

Wow.  Dean Del Maestro comparing digital strategy and regulation to shoes and socks?

Using this specious argument, I can’t cook chicken that I’ve bought, I can’t turn yogourt into frozen ice cream, turn my old jeans into shorts and mix my paint together for basement colours.  As one YouTube user commented, I can’t even take a bag of chips and pour them into the bowl because I’m ‘format shifting’ them into something other than what the company might have intended.

Proof again that the Conservatives are woefully out of touch with reality and incompetent when it comes to setting a proper direction for digital strategy in Canada.

Who voted for these people?

But that’s not what’s truly frightening.  What’s more horrifying (yes, horrifying) is that Bill C-11 is about to become law.  Be prepared to watch every iPod and MP3 owner go to jail or face STEEP fines because they ‘format shifted’.