November 2, 2023

APP: Funding Alberta’s Separatists

By admin

I have to wonder why so many Canadian politicians are being intensely naive when it comes to Alberta’s plans with respect to CANADA’s Pension Plan (CPP).

Alberta is lead by separatists. In 2017, the local Conservatives, the Wild Rose Party and the WEXITeers morphed into the United Conservative Party. This was the only way that they could defeat the rising wave of the NDP after their short stint in power.

Of course, separatists need funds and what better source than CANADA’s Pension Plan.

Danielle Smith has lobbed what’s called a BHAG – big hairy audacious goal – into the public sphere hoping that she’ll get something as a percentage of that absurd number. Laying claim to more than half of CANADA’s Pension Plan is just part of Smith’s plan to finance the departure of Alberta from the Rest of Canada.

Once they get the cash, I have no doubt in my mind that their next step will be to say goodbye to the rest of Canada.

Any politician that is not Alberta that treats this demand seriously should be booted from office as they, much like the Albertan separatists, have no right to negotiate or make a claim CANADA’s Pension Plan.

In fact, I say we CANADIANS respond to Smith’s claim to the CANADIAN Pension Plan by proposing a separation from Alberta, leaving them with the bill for remediation of the Tar Sands, no avenue through which to sell their tar and a gentle reminder that they’re living on property stolen from Canada’s First Nations people, per Treaties Six through Eight.

Let’s get serious before Smith breaks up this great nation.