March 10, 2023

Canada is in need of a Social Rejuvenation

By admin

There are too many irritants going on to note, but I’ll take a stab at a few:

  • A central bank that is heartlessly jacking interest rates to quell ‘inflation’ while ignoring the simple fact that Canadians are being robbed by profiteers, especially those with the food, communications and oil companies.
  • Provincial governments that are screwing nurses out of livable wages just so that they plow forward with soul-crushing privatization plans for them and their buddies with for-profit clinics. Worse yet, the same nurses are bailing on the public system because there are no rewards and they’re shifting over to the private sector, exacerbating the problems.
  • A federal government that is committed to lining the pockets of greedy arms merchants selling crap we don’t need. A few hundred billion of taxpayer dollars are being flushed into the vaults of shipbuilders and American jet companies while Canadians go hungry or are trying to get decent medical care.
  • An impotent left that bickers amongst themselves, forgetting what their true purpose is – defeat the Cons.

Of course, the Cons are fully aware of all of these and more issues, but are all too content to blame ‘woke’ Liberals for the world’s woes.

So what are we to do?


We need to be able to elevate our expectations without having to throw private profiteering into the mix.

We need to be able to do this without fear.

We need to be able to secure the future for our children.

We need political parties that will stop bending over for corporations and that will respect the needs of the planet and the people that inhabit it.

I’m open to ideas.