Category: tax issues

November 5, 2008

Most Corporations Pay No Income Taxes

Time for a little fundraiser! Original story here . Now that a ‘socialist’ will be running the White House in January, the US could recoup some of the windfall profits that companies like Exxon-Mobil and Wal-Mart have been making off the backs of our hard work and put it into paying off some debts (for starters) and creating a stable middle class. Imagine that.  Do […]

October 11, 2008

Murray Dobbin: 6 Ways Harper is Wrecking Canada

Murray Dobbin of The Tyee, posted this article on about how Harper is ruining Canada. Here’s a snapshot summary, but please read the full article.  It’s worth it. Merging Canada with the US Eroding our infrastructure Destroying our surpluses Increasing risks by deregulating Giving in to big oil No planning for growth

October 6, 2008

Stephen Harper: $500 Billion Man (PDF)

In a Department of Defense document (warning:  PDF), Stephen Harper and Peter Mackay lay out the plans for spending nearly $500 billion on the defense industry up to 2020. YIKES!! Obviously, another reason to ensure that the Harper Republicans Conservatives do not win unless, of course, you’re into killing people on a massive scale. Now, let’s try to imagine what we could do if we […]