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November 14, 2008

Tories to Flush Canada-led Water Monitoring Program

Original story here . I suppose this goes in the ‘if it ain’t oil, we ain’t going to watch it’ file. Ironically, water will one day be more valuable than oil, but we’ll leave that problem to our kids, I suppose. All to save a shitty little $1.5 million.  How embarassing. DETAILS: Tories to flush Canada-led water-monitoring program Written by Sue Bailey, THE CANADIAN PRESS […]

October 21, 2008

Maude Barlow Named First UN Water Adviser

Original link here Congratulations Maude!  There is hope for the world’s water supply! Canadian activist Maude Barlow has been appointed as the United Nation’s first senior adviser on water issues, a role she hopes to use to establish water as a human right and to convince Canada to "change its shameful position" on the issue. Barlow, chair of the citizens’ advocacy group Council of Canadians, […]