January 31, 2012

Notes on London Public Meeting re Flouride

By admin

I didn’t attend, but I got this recap via email from Chris Gupta, who I believe is located in Kitchener-Waterloo:

Here is a commentary on the recent (Jan, 25th, 2011) Public Participation Meeting (PPM) on Fluoride in the City of London, Ontario.

The meeting started with a strong pro fluoride stance form the City engineer. His lack of knowledge on chemistry of the toxic wastes used to fluoridate water could embarrass even a high school student never mind his own profession. He blatantly violated his “duty to public welfare” as in his own professional code of ethics in broad daylight. He tried to convince the audience with totally absurd statements, such as, how the highly impure hydrofluorosilcic (HFSA) magically disassociates and becomes pharmaceutically pure in our water. Never mind the contaminants! We are to take it that they simply vanish into thin air? This is akin to saying that road salt magically become pharmaceutically pure Sodium Chloride when it is put in our cooking water!

On the other hand, it was an utter joke to see the so called authorities skate all over the map with their “Safe and Effective” Mantra. They looked totally ridiculous in front of the public – much of their presentations were literally reduced to face saving circular credentials from self serving organizations parroting the same mantra. All the while totally oblivious of how really ignorant they really looked… They were far far less aware on the damaging effects of fluoridation chemicals then even the least educated, but informed citizens! Some spent most of their, speech allocation time, patting themselves on what great authorities they were with nary a word about the subject matter. Any discussion or data on teeth was based on “assumptions” and/or “expert opinion” and fear through gory mouth pictures hardly relevant to water fluoridation. The whole charade was a desperate marketing effort given that they had no real science behind them.

It is hard to fathom what many of the City councillors see in such a pathetic performance? To add insult to injury, instead of looking towards a balanced and unbiased expert panel (which the City deliberately prevented) they have yet again gone back to the same pro fluoride characters who are unable to answer even the most basic citizen questions. These of course have been conveniently ignored numerous times in the past. Another classic delay tactic given that they are not even able to address the most basic health and environmental questions that the far far less credentialed, but informed public, so articulately put to them. These health authorities are not bright enough to realize that they should have cut their losses and redeemed some credibility by consenting to stop deliberately contaminating our water! The authorities, even with all their credentials, clearly don’t realize that their stance does not bode well with their other public health policy measures…

As for the councillors they are just as myopic, they have not had such a turn out of public on anything except possibly the stopping the use of cosmetic pesticides. In this instance we yet again had Health Canada defending the indefensible at our expense. One wonders why these politicians don’t see the writing on the wall? After all, the turn out at the PPM by necessity was only a small subset of their voting base.

Obviously, this issue is not going away. It is hard to understand why the City can’t see this. Once informed there is no turning back – except for those whose lively hood depends on the sickness and waste industry interests – This fact can’t be made any more clearer than that!

Why is it that those who are supposed look after our health, invariably end up betraying the very people who have put their trust in them? It was quite telling in that with one exception, bless his soul, there were no speakers from the whole medical community to bat for our health! Such is the state of our medical system and the control over our professionals… It is amazing how the citizens have to struggle with their own money and time to maintain a semblance of balance while the government funded and payed industry shills get away with crime under the facade of authority and democracy.

This is yet again a prefect example from many why democracy is a great pretense for freedom. Is it any wonder that the industry and the governments have come to love it? All one needs to do is withhold information and/or provide miss information or at worst bribe to herd the people to vote.

For without proper informed consent and knowledge which is invariably insured not to happen by such farcical authorities and the essentially controlled media – democracy becomes mob rule and cannot work!

No one in their right mind should be suggesting a plebiscite to violate environmental, fisheries, safe water, medical, drug and food laws under pretense of democracy! To suggest that the deliberately misinformed be asked to decide to violate or not to violate our basic right to clean water is classic example of brain fog unless they have ulterior motives.

Chris Gupta P. Eng.

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