October 12, 2011

Chris Hedges vs Kevin O’Leary

By admin

US intellectual and author Chris Hedges was invited to speak on the ‘Lang and O’Leary Report’ on the CBC and gets attacked the money junkie Kevin O’Leary as he tries to rationalize the roots behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The full transcript of this ‘discussion’ can be found at the Daily Bail.

Chris Hedges doesn’t ‘call’ Kevin O’Leary anything, whereas O’Leary instantly descends to typical Fox-like rabid name calling and character assassination in order to try to berate Hedges into submission.

It doesn’t work and in fact, fails miserably, reminding us that O’Leary is one of Canada’s biggest hypocrites.  I mean, he’s working for the CBC, right?  He’s collecting a paycheque from the public and constantly attacks public institutions.  He claims he’s into free markets, but when the world questions the ‘socialism for capitalists and capitalism for socialists’ mentality that has overtaken world governments, he thinks we’re all a bunch of nutcases.

Er … nutbars.

O’Leary should be fired from the CBC.