June 3, 2020

Covid Journal, June 3, 2020

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A Word From the CEO of Fender

I took a day to pause yesterday to reflect on my position in society and how I can do better to understand and acknowledge the challenges and frustration that so many billions of others experience daily. I can’t change the tone of my skin, but I can change the tone of the conversation: #BlackLivesMatter.

In keeping with the simple theme of ‘tone’, many of us know that Fender guitar has been used in countless tunes by some incredible musicians over the decades. Here’s what the current CEO has to say about the protests in America.


A Word From the Leader of Universal Audio

Universal Audio builds effects pedals and other gear for musicians. Here’s what the CEO has to say about the instability in the US:

Dear UA Friends and Family,

These are challenging times, and they are becoming more so every day. In light of recent events, Universal Audio will close normal operations June 2 in observance of “Blackout Tuesday.

We do this in solidarity with our peers in the music industry in recognition of those hurting within the Black community. Put simply, this is no time for business as usual.

As founder of Universal Audio, I recognize that I have not suffered the abuse, intolerance, and racism that so many others have experienced for their entire lives. So what can I do personally? What should Universal Audio as a company do?

Observing Blackout Tuesday is our first step. This is a day to allow UA employees to reflect on the racism and injustice affecting our Black brothers and sisters worldwide. To this end, we will be sharing articles, hosting internal discussions, and addressing how we can do our part to promote justice and equality in our communities.

We struggled with whether or not to shut down our online store, but decided that a better path would be to donate 100% of Tuesday’s online store proceeds to worthy organizations including Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

While UA is not an inherently “political” company, I believe we all have a responsibility to confront racism head-on, working in big and small ways to further equality and justice. We simply cannot return to the status quo, when the status quo is so clearly broken.

I invite all who are able to take some time tomorrow to think, reflect, and plan for a more free and fair world. This can be a significant opportunity for change, if we all do our part.

In the words of the late Robert Hunter, “Ain’t no time to hate.”

Peace and Sincerely,

Bill Putnam Jr.
Universal Audio