November 8, 2021

Covid Journal, Nov 8, 2021

By admin

While there are loads of updates regarding various idiocracies associated with Covid, travel, testing, etc, I’m going to ask the simple question today: how is it a good idea to allow 30,000 people pack into a stadium or entertainment complex and yet still enforce separation at urinals?

I mean, sure, social distancing. But when you’re loading people into a complex and then they get loaded with beer and other consumables, you’re just forcing them to stand right behind each other as they wait for the 2-3 urinals and toilets to be free.

How is that going to limit the spread of Covid?

It’s beyond stupid.

For anyone who’s ever been in a public washroom for men, you’ll know that there’s usually not much happening by way of social interaction. It’s one of the few places on Earth where men are actually extremely efficient.

So … when we’re confronted with idiot ‘rules’ like this, it doesn’t help minimize or mitigate the complaints from folks in the opposition camp or conspiracy groups who claim that this is all a ruse to force a wedge between folks that continue to enrich themselves during the pandemic and those that are just simply trying to get on with their lives.