September 17, 2021

#ELXN44: #Kenney Shows What an #OTooleForPM Vote Would Look Like

By admin

Alberta is a trainwreck.

I saw videos of people partying during the Calgary Stampede.

These same people are now clogging ICUs in Alberta and those same people are now being sent to Ontario and other provinces that will help them out.

That’s great – I’m VERY happy to help our fellow Canadians, but if they were protesting in front of hospitals or flashing white-pride signs at rallies, my suggestion would be ‘thanks … and here’s the bill’.

#JasonKenney slashed health budgets, cut back on nurses and attacked the province’s health care system DURING a pandemic.

He’s now back-peddling, promising cash to those who didn’t get a vaccine and possibly even a vaccine passport as his province enters true crisis mode and ICUs are packed with Covid patients.

So now the people of Ontario are carrying the cost of Kenney’s poor leadership.

In the fading days of the election, please remember that an #OTooleforPM vote would be a vote for the same kind of disaster.

They’re the same voters. They’re the same people.

The Cons have been quietly collecting many of these votes, be they from QAnon, alienated hate groups, AR15 gun collectors, anti-vaxxers or all of the above.

In a VERY odd way, the People’s Party of Canada is a legit threat to the Cons, only because largely discredited leader Maxime Bernier has been more vocal with his rejection of science and his PPC views will result in a vote split on the right.

All that said, Monday will be a white-knuckle ride, pitting the majority of progressive, social-minded Canadians against … those who aren’t.

For the record, I don’t think Justin Trudeau deserves a majority. Things were just fine the way they were and he implemented enough positive policies to earn a majority.

But the Liberals did just FINE with a minority during a pandemic.

With any luck and a little less media bias towards the Cons and PPCs, maybe he’ll be back to negotiating with the NDP.

And maybe, just maybe, the NDP will make it abundantly clear that Justin Trudeau will have to hold to the one promise that he broke long ago: electoral reform so that we never have to worry about ‘first past the post’ nonsense again.