August 24, 2023

EU: Burned by Oil

By admin

This report from the Watson Institute at Brown University is fascinating (PDF).

And disturbing.

It demonstrates just how absurdly and outrageously we have ALL been burned by oil in the run-up and aftermath of Russia’s terrorist invasion of Ukraine.

The chart above acts as a critical reminder that the Cons can bitch and moan all they want about the carbon tax bringing the second coming and the apocalypse, but the reality is that all of us have been getting screwed by oil companies everywhere over the last year and a half.

On a global scale.

The vast majority of cost at the pump is labeled as ‘excess’: a ‘screw you dumb driver and consumer for not coming after oil companies for robbing from the public’ charge that we’ll never get back.

It’s long gone and has since been spent on important things like yachts, more McMansions, political bribes and expanding our dependence on oil.

Sign me up for one of those class-action lawsuits against carbon producers!