July 9, 2011

Facebook: A Giant Snitch?

By admin

Here’s a simple prediction:  Facebook will collapse within the next 24 months.

If you’ve watched ‘The Social Network’ – a movie that could be seen as a documentary about the origins of Facebook – you’ll know that the intent of this popular tool is less than noble.

In the mere 7 years of existence, Facebook has shattered all records with respect to volume of new users, but also carelessly thrown away all respect for privacy and personal information.

Correction:  Facebook isn’t really doing any of the above.  They’re enablers, giving users the ability to sell themselves out just so that they can connect with an age-old ex-girlfriend or like a company for a chance to win a prize.

They’re gaming us into surrendering everything we know about ourselves.

This information is being manipulated in unprecedented ways for the benefit of marketers, but also the security establishment.

If you don’t believe me, check this out:

And therein lies the challenge to everyone that use any popular social platform:  even the slightest activity designed to oppose, contradict, challenge or debate the policies of the governments that are leveraging Facebook will be exposed by Facebook.

Yes, it reeks of paranoia, but it also exposes the raw reality that we all need to reconsider our conversation tools in the digital universe before they’re decided for us.

It’s this process of changing our behaviour that may prove to be an uphill battle at first, but then prove to be very refreshing once it gains momentum.  People will terminate their account and commit ‘Facebook suicide’ in droves in order to avoid the creepy feeling that they’re being watched 24/7.

Once this trend begins, Facebook WILL collapse.