April 13, 2023

How to Undo a Presidency?

By admin

The legacy of Trump continues, despite being arraigned, fingerprinted, sued, impeached, bankrupt and much, much more.

His appointees continue to derail and destroy and sense of progress in the United States, creating ripple effects around the world.

First, it was the Texas Taliban with their push to overturn abortion rights, putting an end to Roe v Wade after five full decades of peace and quiet … and rights for women that have been raped, molested and harmed in other ways. Or just taking control of their own damn bodies.

Now, they continue to push to have other reproductive rights abolished, by having a judge decide on health and FDA issues. The FDA-approved abortion pill based on mifepristone has been in use for decades and it’s been run up the courts by a Trump appointed judge.

Of course, basic human rights aren’t the only thing that the same Trump-appointed judge is messing with:

The right of pension administrators in the United States to consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decisions could be thrown into jeopardy by the same Trump-appointed judge who ordered a hold on the abortion drug mifepristone last week.

United States District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk confirmed that he will hear a challenge to a federal rule approved last year enshrining the right of pension administrators to consider ESG issues. Twenty-five Republican states; an oil drilling company; and the Western Energy Alliance, an oil and gas association in the western U.S., are challenging the rule in Kacsmaryk’s jurisdiction, where he is the only district court judge.

Even though President Joe Biden recently vetoed Republican-led legislation banning the consideration of ESG factors by pension administrators, the court challenge is likely to succeed given Kacsmaryk’s conservative legal background.

‘ESG’ regulations are Environmental, Social and Governance requirements that ultimately make companies … better. If pushes them to acknowledge the rights of workers and the success of the planet in balance with profits. I like to believe that it’s exactly what we need in order to level the playing field when it comes to the grievous errors made with the basic assumptions of economics … that allow us to pillage and burn the planet without any repercussions.

Essentially, we have one opionated knob that’s now dictating the terms of survival of the planet.

How do we undo the damage created by Trump?