November 10, 2011

Is Iran Next in WWIII?

By admin

If you don’t believe we’re in WWIII, you’re clearly not listening or watching between the lines.

Now that Libya is ‘under control’, the question comes up:  is Syria or Iran next?  Or will it be North Korea?

I was listening to a massive pile of trash this morning on CBC’s ‘The Current’ where they walked through a number of ‘attach Iran’ scenarios like we were talking about ways to get the best bang for our buck with Christmas shopping.  This show was infuriating and shameful in the way that the CBC was flagrantly playing into the pile of horseshit propoganda as to why Iran needs to be invaded.

Unfortunately, the media and their masters don’t have a lot of respect for the ‘lay person’ because they’re just steamrolling ahead with their plans to continue world domination.

When will it end?