May 6, 2011

MayDay 2011 Aftermath: Let the Distractions and Deflections Begin

By admin

It’s just a couple of days after the election and a lot of mysteries remain:

  • Why was Stephen Harper campaigning on May 2 and why was he not found in breach of Elections Canada laws prohibiting such campaigning?
  • Why did Michael Ignatieff say yesterday that he’s returning to his ‘first love’ (teaching)?  Why the hell did the Liberal Party of Canada appoint someone who’s not committed to politics?
  • Will we be able to investigate just one of the many crimes laid down at the feet of the Conservatives or will these all get swept under the table?
  • Who released the documents about Jack Layton in the 11th hour of the election, putting a small fragment of doubt in the minds of Canadians about the NDP leader?
  • Who placed the illegal robo-calls and who told local voters that the polling stations had been changed?  A serious breach of ethics has occurred and I don’t think Canadians will ever know who’s behind it (but I think we can take a few guesses).
  • Why did polls surge for the NDP and the media start raving about the Orange Crush, only to begin trampling on them in post-election attacks?  Was it a carefully scripted program designed to split the vote, particularly in Ontario?

Instead, we’re obsessing about the age of the NDP candidates and actually lampooning the NDP for being the only party in the country that’s able to attract a young audience – a freakin miracle in this country if you ask me.

WTF is wrong with this country?  WTF is wrong with our media?

I even saw George Strombo taking a poke at how young the NDP caucus is.  All I could think is ‘what an asshole’.

In the post-election aftermath, everyone in the media are showing their true colours as hypocrites because when they bitch endlessly about getting youth to participate in politics and THEY DO (but just not for the Libs or Cons), it’s not acceptable and becomes full fodder for an endless array of daycare and diaper jokes.

Well, all I can suggest is that these folks are the future and those who sit on the sidelines with a bunch of 90-year-old white men will not have one.

Meanwhile, the Cons are probably already using this distraction to work on altering the massive array of lies that they told during the election and we’ll likely see the spin begin within days about why cuts have to be made to the likes of the CBC, health care, the CPP, public pensions and other public programs because we just don’t have the money.

If we do ONE THING over the course of the next 4 years (and onwards) it will be to consolidate our media resources and find ways to break the Con media machine so that the truth can materialize.  If we don’t, welcome to Canada’s new dictatorship.