April 5, 2011

MayDay 2011: Demand Alternative Debates

By admin

There has to be a way to get additional or alternative debates set up for Canadians that are interested in hearing from the leaders of the Canadian federal parties.

There is loads of technology out there:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

There is demand.  Hundereds of thousands of Canadians would like to see all of our leaders in various scenarios.

Journalists by the handful have been stating the case for having Elizabeth May in the debates (even though it was decided definitively today that she would not be allowed to attend the debate), but I would also like to see Gilles Duceppe dumped from the English debates.  Giving him the time of day in a national and serious debate about Canada’s future is like asking.

As I’ve mentioned before, the most important questions that should be on the table are “Why is Canadian mainstream media so lame?”, “Why do Canadians believe what our media tells us?” and “What are the alternatives?”