April 21, 2011

MayDay 2011: Enough Already! I Support A Liberal/NDP Coalition

By admin

Stephen Harper has painted the concept of ‘coalition’ with a most painful and tragic brush that will burn all Canadians.

Obviously, Stephen Harper doesn’t work well with other people.

Obviously, Stephen Harper wants to pretend that coalitions are evil, like those in Israel, Australia, Germany, England, New Zealand, Belgium, India, Finland, and Japan.

Obviously, Stephen Harper is more afraid of a coalition than Canadians are.

Obviously, Canadians will not be that stupid on election day and they will choose the government that they want and that they deserve.

My prediction is that they will elect a collection of MPs that will be willing to work with each other and who will be responsible for investigating the crimes that the Harper Government (TM) is committing behind our backs.

They will elect a Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton coalition.

And I’m OK with that.

Here’s why:

  • People don’t trust the NDP with a majority or leadership title.  However, they also don’t know if Michael Ignatieff is ready for the job.  A Lib/NDP coalition would be best served by appointing the man with the most experience – Jack Layton – as the Prime Minister with Michael Ignatieff as Deputy PM.
  • The NDP have proven that they are willing to work with anyone, but have done this to a fault.  Their support of the Conservatives over the years has caused a lot of people a lot of frustration.  But it’s earned the trust of all Canadians.
  • A Liberal/NDP coalition would be progressive from a centre-left perspective.  It will likely be forced to reverse all corporate tax cuts, letting the Liberals save face with commitments to only return to half-way levels.
  • This coalition will represent the biggest voice in Canada:  urban voters.  It will act on that volume of voters and ensure we have progressive ideals being implemented in our biggest communities.
  • Proportional representation will become a referendum question, one which I’m hoping will be simple and direct and not manipulated by the media.

These are just a few reasons why I support a Liberal NDP coalition.  It’s time to take the fear out of this idea.  It’s time to get rid of Stephen Harper and his Conservative crooks.