March 20, 2011

Monday Parliament: Pre-Emptive Strike Needed

By admin

We all know that our slimy politicians will cave to big Steve on Tuesday, the day of the budget.  They’ve been working on back-room deals that will cut them (oops … their ridings) big cheques in the form of renewed pork barreling (oops … infrastructure spend) over the coming months.

Steve will survive again and the Canadian government – Canada even – will suffer for it.

Are there any politicians out there that have what it takes to rise above Steve’s disastrous and scandalous leadership of this country?  If so, can you please issue a vote of non-confidence on Monday BEFORE Steve is able to deliver a budget on Tuesday?

I didn’t think so …

The only Canadians that don’t want an election right now are our politicians.  The rest of this nation is begging for an opportunity to boot these crooks from office.  ALL of them, including the Liberals and the Dippers.