March 25, 2023

Our ‘Loyal’ Opposition is an International Embarrassment

By admin

US President Joe Biden visited Ottawa yesterday and gave a powerful speech in the House of Parliament, praising the Trudeau government.

During his speech, he reminded the world that both Canada and the US have made efforts to ensure that their cabinets consist of at least 50% women. There was huge applause.

Except for the Conservatives, who remained seated.

What a horrible shame.

Poilievre and his white male supremacist ego can’t accept the fact the leader of the world’s largest economy and friend to Canada acknowledge the amazing talents that non-males bring to the table.

They opted to sit and sulk and try to pretend their paranoid agenda deserved more attention.

And Biden callled him out on it.

“Even if you don’t agree guys, I’d stand up,” Mr Biden quipped when his comment did not receive full-throated appreciation

The humiliation.

On an international level.

The Canadian media failed to point this out or have it as part of any of their stories.

Shame on them too.

This Twitter thread captures the sentiments of the vast majority of Canadians this morning: