August 11, 2015

Reaction to McQuaig Fuel Awareness of Harper’s Lack of Plan

By admin

And lies about managing the economy.

A good manager looks at all of the resources, talents and opportunities of a country, not just a single industry.  Stephen Harper is NOT a good manager because he is obsessed with one aspect of our economy – at the expense of all others.

The Tar Sands in Canada account for just 2% of our GDP, but Stephen Harper and the Conservatives would have us believe that they are the ‘Golden Goose’ that lays all eggs for Canada.

Rotten eggs, that is.

Linda McQuaig – NDP candidate for Toronto Centre – recently repeated what millions of scientists, analysts, environmentalists, politicians and Stephen Harper himself have committed to in signing international declarations concerning limiting carbon emissions.

We need to leave the tar in the ground if we’re going to survive the 21st century.

So why then are McQuaig’s comments generating so much controversy?

Because it proves Harper and his cabal have no plan.

Yes, they’ve agreed to limit emissions globally, but they do not have a plan to engage the country’s largest polluter, the Tar Sands, as a means of addressing these commitments.

Yet another example of Stephen Harper’s mouth writing cheques his ass can’t cash.