April 18, 2023

The CBC vs Twitter

By admin

For those amazing people that follow my blog, you’ll know that I have been the biggest fan of the CBC in recent years.

That said, the Pierre Poilievre vs the CBC vs Twitter debate is beyond absurd.

It’s embarrassing.

For context, PP wrote Twitter whining that the CBC is state-funded. I think the intent was to *prove* to the world that the CBC is biased and rags produced by PostMedia and other right-wing media are the word of God.

So, Twitter labeled the CBC as state-funded.

Big whoop.

Well, the CBC has now pulled their presence from Twitter.

I don’t know why.

Ultimately, PP’s whole hissy fit shows that the leader of the opposition and even Musk are clueless when it comes to the Canadian media landscape.

Yes, the CBC is funded by the government, but it also gains some revenue from advertisers and it still maintains its editorial integrity. If it didn’t, why would they continue to post ‘Gotcha’ stories about Trudeau staying at a billionaire’s house in Jamaica?

What Poilievre doesn’t understand (and what makes him dangerous) is that so many Canadian media organizations collect cash from the government in the form of subsidies, protection via the CRTC or even government-directed advertising. He also seems to be conveniently forgetting that his previous boss – Stephen Harper – stacked the CBC with Con cronies that still steer the ship.

Think about the bigger picture: pretty much every single user of Twitter benefits from state funding – even Musk when he bumps up the price of Teslas to meet the value of grants provided by various governments to support the purchase of EVs.

Honestly, the CBC should just lean into the issue and maximize their presence on Twitter in order to call out the array of stupidity that will fill the hole.