January 14, 2011

Tracking the CBC Sellout

By admin

This is nothing more than a rant against the CBC.  If you’re not interested in hearing the truth about the CBC, walk away.

For those who think the CBC is packed tight with a bunch of progessives and pinkos, think again.

The CBC continues to be a complete and absolute sellout to Canada’s media monopolies.

Day after day, I hear them on the radio bringing talk show guests and so-called experts in from the Globe, MacLean’s the National Post, Sun Media and other media companies in Canada that belong to Bell, Rogers or Quebecor.  ‘Research’ originates from organizations like QMI Agency, a shell company for Quebecor and Sun Media.

Day after day, they make pitches for programs on other networks.  The other day, I heard one radio host pushing a show on a private radio station.

Most of their news seems like its one big ongoing retweet from other services.  Granted, they probably still have the best international news coverage through their network of freelance reporters, but the rate at which they replay info from networks like CNN, Fox and others is appalling.

This ongoing effort and laziness is killing the CBC by 1,000 cuts.  They’re intentionally pushing away their audiences so that the people calling the shots – the Conservatives and their media friends – get more excuses to shut down the only real and potentially legitimate roadblock to media domination in this country.

There are lots of solutions, but first we have to get the CBC back into the hands of the people that own it.

What are the options?  Does anyone know of specific actions or lobbies that are taking place?  Which political party supports MORE funding for an independent CBC?

What would you recommend for improving the CBC?  Would it be a broader range of social news aggregation tools or crowd-sourced news and information?  Would firing the whole lot and rehiring with a bunch of Ryerson Journalism grads be the answer?

Tell me and I’ll keep track for when we actually get serious about making the CBC stronger.