February 22, 2011

Western Hypocrisy Raw in the Middle East

By admin

As things fall into the hands of more military regimes in the Middle East, democracy is not spreading, it’s failing.

The failure of democracy in the Middle East exposes the lavish hypocrisy of our own leaders.

Unfortunately, the great enablers of the dictators and tyrants of the world are us.  The people of the ‘West’.  Our governments – on our behalf – are deciding every day that it’s OK to support Ghadaffi Duck, but we have trade embargoes and can’t support someone like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the leader of Iran.  It’s not because they’re cut from the same cloth, but because the Libyans seem to have come to terms with Israelis committing genocide against the Palenstinians whereas the Iranian leader is just learning about these crimes and wants to do something about the situation.

Westerners have a history of picking their dictators more out of who’s friend with Israel as opposed to who’s friendly with their own people.

Our hypocrisy is showing.

The first thing I heard yesterday was how Moammar Ghadaffi had arranged to have jet planes shoot down citizens indiscriminately.  This is the same man that runs the same regime that we have been doing business with for decades.

As we enable this type of behaviour, we say ‘hey … it’s OK.  Keep it going, keep your people quiet, but just don’t let the flow of oil stop.’

What we need is a comprehensive list of any company that is doing business in countries like Libya and arrange a boycott of their products and start a campaign that says ‘we understand that you’re gluttonous and greedy bastards that could  give two shits about the lives of peons, but we’re not buying your crap anymore.’  A consumer boycott is ultimately the most effective route to follow because it does two things:

  1. It ‘outs’ the corrupt economic agents that pretend to represent us when they do business with dictators
  2. It hits them where it hurts:  the pocketbook.

Act now.  Save Libyan lives.