August 3, 2015

Why Was CBC Radio’s Coverage of the Election Announcement SO Embarrassing?

By admin

Yesterday morning, we were on the road when Stephen Harper launched his latest attack on Canada (aka #ELXN42) so we were listening to the CBC broadcast of the event.

He started in French.  It was about 15 minutes of labourious language, and the CBC cut in with broken English translation about 5 minutes in.

Then, once he finally started his speech in English, Susan Bonner cut in and interrupted Harper’s announcement, again in a seemingly awkward and broken English that was intensely frustrating.

The whole time, I was stunned by how rude this interruption seemed and I was cursing the CBC for failing to just let the announcement be made.

Did anyone else experience this?

Also, later in the day on ‘Cross Country Checkup’ we had a sub for Rex Murphy and they were basically asking the same stupid asinine question of ‘are you ready for an election?’

My answer is ‘of course, I’m ready’.  I’m ready all the time for an election BECAUSE WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY.  If you don’t like elections, if you don’t like voting, then leave Canada and live somewhere where you don’t get an opportunity to at least have a say in who your leader will be.

I think today’s journalists are just being lazy and are asking the ‘play it to the bottom’ question as opposed to asking something intelligent like ‘why is Stephen Harper dodging the real question of why are you imposing such an expensive election on Canadians’, largely in the guise of pretending that they’re being objective.

Finally, I was driven to shouting at the radio during the latter show when a listener opined that he doesn’t ‘trust Stats Canada because they just make up numbers’.

That phrase is a snapshot of the morons that will hand Stephen Harper another election:  ignorant, unchanging old white men that believe the lies Harper is telling.