August 21, 2010

Will a Future Canadian Gun Crime be Known as a “Jack Attack”?

By admin

Jack Layton’s refusal to stand up for the Gun Registry will cost all Canadians.

Unfortunately, Jack Layton is only capable of thinking about his party’s fortunes and preservation of a few rural seats.

Of course, he fails to see that strength and leadership on an issue will win the hearts or urban voters, but he’d rather surrender those seats to the Liberals.

Yesterday’s NDP negotiated with the Liberals to bring us life (ie. the universal Health Care system).

Today’s NDP bring us death.

So … when the Gun Registry dies because Jack Layton refused to act on this (and continues to show favour to Cons rather than negotiate with the more politically aligned Liberals), will Canadians remember this shameful act and refer to gun crime as a “Jack Attack”?