February 4, 2024

Alberta’s War on Rights Will Become Poilievre’s War on Rights

By admin

Folks, it looks more and more like progressive politics in Canada is doomed.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau keeps getting pounded by soft tosses from Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative provincial governments are taking federal funds for important programs like childcare, education and our health system and giving them to friends in high, corporate places.

They’re also villifying the very last people that should be turned into victims.

Take Alberta’s Danielle Smith, someone who’s determined to piss off every other Canadian with baseless attacks on transgender people.

In Alberta’s new war on trans people, children will suffer

Canada’s Con governments at the provincial level should have every Canadian on the defensive at the federal level, but the Liberals don’t seem to be inclined to do anything right.

This has to change.

Start cutting off provinces like Alberta if they’re so adamant about crushing human rights.

And start pinning all of this on Pierre Poilievre because he’s the one who’s using destructive provincial leaders swinging baseball bats around breaking everything and blaming Trudeau for the mess.

It’s like teenagers having a rave or party when the folks are away and blaming the parents for paying the bills for the house.