January 29, 2024

Canada’s Version of McCarthyism Begins

By admin

Canada’s foreign influence inquiry begins today.

A whole new era of stupidity, racist paranoia and hyperbole is about to begin and it’ll be to our collective shame.

Do certain countries like Russia, China and India wield too much influence over the daily activities of Canadians.

I’ll save political grandstanders a few million dollars of public money: of course they do.

Just in case people have forgotten this vital idea, it’s in Canada’s DNA to NOT have control over its own affairs.

From the days of Hudson Bay, Canadians haven’t enjoyed a sense of complete autonomy and in many cases, I’m OK with that.

But let’s look at the flavour of the day: what’s going to emerge from the Inquiry is a lot of rattling of nationalistic sabres that will only cause a cling and clang and not push Canadians forward in a productive way.

And let’s REALLY look at what we should be looking at: non-Asian companies and billionaires that have been wreaking havoc on Canadian politics for decades.

How did Chatham Asset Management come to control SIXTY-SIX percent of Canada’s PostMedia group when our regulators supposedly limit foreign ownership in media to just 20%?

The Canadian government pays billions per year in the form of subsidies, grants, tax exemptions, the Canadian Periodical Fund and other programs designed to encourage a ‘Made in Canada’ approach to media and yet we still have the ‘Rage in Canada’ coming through loud and clear from networks like Fox, PostMedia and dozens of other companies that Canadians use daily for their news and information.

If you stretch things out Microsoft, Google and Apple should all be considered ‘foreign influence’ because they collect so much information about the daily lives of Canadians and yet we don’t seem to question the level of control that we surrender to them.


Why are we only concerned about Russia, China and India? Is it because they don’t share our economic systems (even though we can’t seem to break away from them? Or is it because they don’t share our colonist history, like the US does?

Let’s get real folks … this is going to be a shit-show that will fuel the alt-right and doomsayers.