December 9, 2011

Dec 9 2011 Excited Delirium Updates

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An abundance of overuse of the term ‘excited delirium’ to account for the liberal application of assault on victims:

Coroner Suggests Would-Be Burglar Died From Excited Delirium
Riverfront Times
5 2011 at 12:04 PM ​Was “excited delirium” the reason a 42-year-old Metro East man died in an emergency room following his arrest last Friday?
Granite City man dead from ‘excited delirium‘, coroner says
An autopsy was performed on Saturday and preliminary results indicate the possible cause of death as excited delirium or suffocation, but final results
Granite City Police investigate man’s death in hospital
Belleville News Democrat
An autopsy was performed Saturday and preliminary results indicate that the possible cause of death was excited delirium or suffocation, but final results
Authorities say man arrested in southwestern Illinois died at hospital
The Republic
A preliminary autopsy show that he died of excited delirium or suffocation. Toxicology tests are pending. Nonn says Burkey “appeared to be hallucinating” so
Chief: Brothers was on PCP, steroids at time of death
A day after the incident Dr. John Janikas said that in his opinion Brothers’ behavior that morning seemed to be “excited delirium.” On Nov.
Wisconsin citizens can now own and carry Tasers and stun guns
Lakeland Times
State guidelines urge police not to taser individuals who might be suffering from “excited delirium” because of intoxication. In September, in the village
Pepper Spray, A Chemical Weapon With Questionable Risk
Alternatively, an academic study of in-custody deaths implicated OC spray in cases of excited delirium, particularly in association with heart or lung