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Freedom For Byron Sonne

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I scanned the headlines of Progressive Bloggers this morning and failed to notice this very exciting news:  Byron Sonne is now a free man and has been cleared of ALL charges.

Of course, ‘freedom’ is relative.  My ill-informed opinion is that he’ll continue to be hounded by overzealous and dense members of the Canadian press.  His wife Kristin has left him.  He’ll most likely face a perpetual uphill battle with respect to employment or earning a decent living.

Hopefully, Byron will make something of this experience.  I don’t know how, but I know this:  he’s already had nearly two years in jail to think about this and I know he’ll take the high road.

Of course, I still think he should sue our government for what they’ve done to his life.

The Unspoken Holocaust

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Millions of civilians have died as a direct and indirect result of US and NATO-lead actions in foreign countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, and Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) has resulted in an estimated 6 million plus civilian deaths.

Concern is typically reserved for US troops and the other casualties and deaths virtually ignored.  No monuments, no headlines, no concern.

Most of these deaths were in Vietnam and the rest of Indochina, but the numbers for Iraq are just as urgent:  estimates range from 400,000 to 650,000 civilian deaths since the Americans ‘occupied’ Iraq.

In World War II, there were similar ‘genocides’ happening with Ukranians, gypsies, homosexuals and others in addition to the Jews.

Are these examples above America’s genocide?

Dec 9 2011 Excited Delirium Updates

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An abundance of overuse of the term ‘excited delirium’ to account for the liberal application of assault on victims:

Coroner Suggests Would-Be Burglar Died From Excited Delirium
Riverfront Times
5 2011 at 12:04 PM ​Was “excited delirium” the reason a 42-year-old Metro East man died in an emergency room following his arrest last Friday?
Granite City man dead from ‘excited delirium‘, coroner says
An autopsy was performed on Saturday and preliminary results indicate the possible cause of death as excited delirium or suffocation, but final results
Granite City Police investigate man’s death in hospital
Belleville News Democrat
An autopsy was performed Saturday and preliminary results indicate that the possible cause of death was excited delirium or suffocation, but final results
Authorities say man arrested in southwestern Illinois died at hospital
The Republic
A preliminary autopsy show that he died of excited delirium or suffocation. Toxicology tests are pending. Nonn says Burkey “appeared to be hallucinating” so
Chief: Brothers was on PCP, steroids at time of death
A day after the incident Dr. John Janikas said that in his opinion Brothers’ behavior that morning seemed to be “excited delirium.” On Nov.
Wisconsin citizens can now own and carry Tasers and stun guns
Lakeland Times
State guidelines urge police not to taser individuals who might be suffering from “excited delirium” because of intoxication. In September, in the village
Pepper Spray, A Chemical Weapon With Questionable Risk
Alternatively, an academic study of in-custody deaths implicated OC spray in cases of excited delirium, particularly in association with heart or lung

Western Hypocrisy Exposed: NATO War Crimes?

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NATO is poised to attack Libya in the wake of uprisings in that African country.

Libyan leader Moammar Ghaddafi has attacked hundreds of his citizens in an effort to protect his fiefdom.

In the wake of the situation, Western hypocrisy is exposed once again.

Understandably, Moammar Ghaddafi should stand trial for war crimes against his people.  But SNC Lavalin is building prisons for people that oppose him.  Should they too stand trial for war crimes?

And what of NATO?  This is the same NATO that in 2010 killed nearly 20% of the 1,000+ civilians killed in Afghanistan as a direct result of military actions in that country, although these estimates vary widely.

To what extent are we accountable for our own war crimes?

Must See: CBC “You Should Have Stayed At Home”

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On most occasions, it’s hard for me to take sides with the CBC – what with the constant injections of pop-polls from loaded organizations like the QMI Agency and interviews with hacks from the Globe or elsewhere – but on Friday night, they nailed it.

Their Fifth Estate show ‘You Should Have Stayed At Home‘ showcases the brutality and stupidity of Canada’s security and police state and demonstrates that Canada – yes, Canada – is not alone in the battle to win democracy for its citizens.

Yes, it is that basic.

We have lost the right to assembly and innocent people are being held in jail to this day simply because they exposed the billions of waste that went into the G20 summit.

And this is under a Conservative minority.  I shudder to think of what life would be like with a majority.

It took Egyptians 3 decades and Libyans more than 4 decades to get rid of their dictator.

How long before we get rid of ours?