September 22, 2021

#ELXN44: Con Blame Game in High Gear

By admin

Congrats Canadians – we live in a democracy!!

I’ve ‘unfriended’ all of my ‘friends’ that are bitching about the cost of an election.

Was it necessary? Not really.

BUT I would vote EVERY DAY if asked in order to fulfill my obligation to preserve our democracy.

Would the tune have been different if the Cons won?

Of course it would be.

So … put a sock in it already.

There’s nothing worse than sore losers.

And, man, it seems like it’s the one thing that Cons ARE good at: whining after the fact.

From Jason Kenney who wants Ontario to pay for his health cuts, to Scott Moe who finally seems like he’s on board with a national healthcare system.

Both the Alberta and Saskatchewan medical systems are at risk of imploding because of idiot ideology that ALMOST came to the front door of our national government.

THIS offers us a small glimpse of what might happen on a national scale if The Tool got a majority.

Even the CBC is jumping on the blame game, suggesting that the Maxime Bernier’s climate-denying, anti-vaxx, PPC party is responsible for the Cons not getting a majority.

An Abridged History Lesson on Vote-Splitting

Sigh … let’s revisit a little history, shall we (skipping a few details)?

About four decades ago, an upstart named Preston Manning started the Reform Party.

Then we got the Alliance Party.

Votes were split amongst the parties on the right.

It was actually a golden era for Canada because under folks like Martin with Finance, we got stuff done.

Then the Progressive Conservatives became the Conservatives as Stephen Harper folded everyone into a ‘big tent’, pulling in all of the strays, including the toxic social conservatives.

Now, we’re back at it again.

Also, let’s not forget that the ‘left’ or progressive vote in Canada has been split since the days of Tommy Douglas and the origins of the NDP and continue to face issues with voter loyalty when the Green Party occasionally makes some sense.

Once again, through the 1960s, with a minority government with Pearson et al, we got stuff done. Health care. Universal education. Etc.

Boomers were happy because they were bought off.

Even though most of them are retired now, Boomers seem cranky again blaming ‘foreigners’ coming for their jobs and young kids for spreading Covid.

Of course, that’s all BS that the Cons and PPC want us to believe.

The #ELXN44 is over.

It’s time to get back to work.