September 12, 2021

#ELXN44: Legault, My Ego

By admin

Legault, My Ego

I hope someone at the federal level calls out Legault on his intentional interference in the federal election.

During the last debate, both Trudeau AND O’Toole had the decency to push back on comments about Quebec’s failed leadership and racist policies, but now Legault has overstepped and overstayed his welcome with federal politics.

His statement Thursday about Quebecers needing to avoid the Liberals, Greens and NDP reek of intrusion to the Nth degree. Not mentioning the Conservatives or Bloq basically read like an endorsement for both.

Legault is saying Quebec wants more autonomy. Let’s give it to them.

But let’s also remind Legault about the collection of treaty agreements with First Nations that will reduce ‘Quebec’ to a sliver of land along the St. Lawrence, if that. And, we finally show a spine and hand projects like Muskrat and Churchill Falls and other renewable energy projects back to the people of Newfoundland/Labrador.

Let’s ponder that, OK?

The Liberals are bristling at Legault’s interference, but they need an action plan to protect Canada from all separatists.

Tracking Media Bailouts & Bias

As a reminder, I’m not entirely impressed with Trudeau’s performance for the last few years, but I’ll take them over the Con dark ages any time.

That said, the Liberals MUST remove themselves from the media business.

This includes putting an end to bailing out failing traditional institutions like PostMedia.

CanadaLand has been tracking some of the spending when it comes to Canada’s media giants and the results are not pretty.

They estimate at least $30 million has been transferred to companies like PostMedia, The Rebel Media (WTF?!?!?) and other traditionally ‘right-wing’ media companies.

The worst example is the Epoch Times, a newspaper run by ex-Chinese nationals that are trying to embarrass the current Chinese government. They have received at least $455,097 in taxpayer money. Epoch Times has been running all kinds stories about how Canada started Covid, how China perpetuated the disease and how it’s one giant plot.

So … STOP.

Remembering What We SHOULD Have Done After 9/11

Yesterday was certainly a solemn anniversary of a horrible thing that happened to the World Trade Center, New York, the US and even the world.

9/11 left a scar with most of us who were alive to witness it. I include myself in that category.

The Tyee asks ‘did we miss a chance to pivot our world in a better direction’? I have always asked that in the wake of 9/11 and other disasters.

We need to constantly ponder the possibilities rather than means of extracting revenge and extending imperialism.