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    The Lizard of Oz’ Play Thing Dumped … Will Stephen Harper be Next?

    It looks like the career of Tony Abbott has come to an abrupt end. with fellow right-winger Malcolm Turnbull taking the head position in Australia.

    All I can say is ‘Yay!’  I never weep when right-wingers of this type face defeat and I’m even more tickled when internal party politics tear that party apart.

    What’s interesting in this story is that Lynton Crosby, now quasi-illegal campaign manager for the Stephen Harper Conservative campaign, was the campaign manager for Tony Abbott.

    Could it be that the people of Australia, especially Abbott’s party members, saw through the BS and decided that it was time to move on and up?

    Any chance it could happen here before the election?  Sadly no, but a boy can dream …

    In other ‘early retirement’ notes, I’m glad to see Rex Murphy finally hang up his headphones.  Again, could it be that he actually saw the writing on the wall with his various efforts to dig deep with speech-sponsors and supporters?  Time will tell …

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    When Will Stephen Harper Take Credit for Cheap Gas?

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    The collapsing oil price has some analysts wondering if the Tar Sands glut will ever end, taking the fortunes of the Conservative Party of Canada and Stephen Harper with them.

    The only true positive out of Stephen Harper’s reign of error has been the collapse in prices at the pumps.

    For most of the country the price was about $1.20 to $1.35 (or higher) as early as the beginning of 2015.  While prices were slow to slide, they eventually tanked to less than $1.00 in most parts of the country.

    This is exceptional news for most commuters, as we pay for gas in some form or other, be it for our own cars or the vehicles that transport us from A to B.

    Stephen Harper is a seasoned expert when it comes to avoiding any responsibility, even though he apparently is the leader of this country.

    However – and unfortunately for all of us – it won’t be long before Stephen Harper starts taking credit for changes in gas prices, claiming some kind of ‘genius’ for it’s impact on Canadian consumers – especially those in Eastern Canada – and ‘putting more money into the hands of Canadians’.

    We know that about 60-70% of the country will understand it’s complete tripe.  Now … what about the other 30% of the population that still laps up his crap?  Will they wake up in time to realize that they’re being lied to?  Will they finally wake up to the miserable reality that is a Stephen Harper Conservative government and take their vote elsewhere?

    A Balanced Budget Isn’t A ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ Thing

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    Individuals, regardless of political bent, rarely incur deficits in their home on an annual basis.

    Yes, it’s more of a challenge for people who are poor or who have financial restraints to balance their budgets compared to those who have much deeper resources, but ultimately, they must balance their budgets.

    These days, it seems someone’s life is measured by how well they’ve managed to control their financial impulses, regardless of what political stripe they wear.

    We all have to make choices, some painful and awkward, that send us on the proper path towards financial independence.  To fail in this means surrendering our lives to bankers, pay-day loan companies and credit card usury.

    Which makes the whole discussion about deficits in Canada at the federal level very confusing for the average Canadian.

    Stephen Harper hasn’t been able to create a surplus in nearly all the years that he’s run Canada and yet claims he’s the only one capable of running the country from a sound fiscal perspective.  This is like claiming it’s OK to run to the credit card company to finance your mortgage.

    Under Stephen Harper the fiscal deficit has EXPLODED and he’s asking us to allow him to continue?

    (And white-collar rich and old white men that should know better continue to believe this horse shit?)

    Justin Trudeau says it’s OK to run up deficits in the wake of the election because, well, we may have to.  The only ‘positive’ legacy the Liberals have are the years when Paul Martin was finance minister and Canada had half a chance of emerging from the financial restraints imposed by mafia-like organizations like the Moody’s or Dominion Bond Rating Service.

    Tom Mulcair and the NDP are the only main party promising to control themselves when elected to office and maintain a balanced budget.  If you don’t believe the promise, look to the records of provincial NDP management:

    Let the numbers speak for themselves …

    I won’t bore you with my own bias.  Let’s let the numbers speak for themselves:


    More importantly, consider the share of GDP compared to fiscal deficits:


    My sentiments?

    I personally believe that every financial house should be in order.  We should encourage saving, reward investment in our community and our peers and grow from our own pool of financial resources.

    It must start at the federal level and the federal government needs to HELP all other levels of government and even households get their budgets in order.  But they MUST END passing the buck to lower levels that are not in a position to finance projects and services for all Canadians like the Harper government has for the last decade.

    We can’t afford it.

    Ultimately, those in charge of the federal budget should be able to balance the budget any time, regardless of the market circumstance, by making sure they ‘pull the right levers’ and make prudent investment choices with the money provided by hard working Canadians.

    Balancing a 2015/2016 budget will be quite easy when you consider the Harper giveaways to the rich and elite in this country:

    • Tax Free Savings Accounts
    • Harper’s ‘RRSP home loan’
    • The hundreds of billions proposed for military expenses like the failed F-35, Canada’s involvement with crimes against humanity via Saudi Arabia and General Dynamics, etc.
    • Extensive (and expensive) tax cuts to the highest echlons of corporate elite
    • Elimination of the spousal tax plan in favour of something more equitable for ALL Canadian families
    • Cancellation of the billions in subsidies to Canada’s resource and extraction companies (especially oil) in favour of more universal programs for any entrepreneur or small business.
    • Termination of tax deductions that only benefit the elite (eg. sports and music programs for kids) or carbon wasters (eg. gas write-offs come tax time).
    • Endless armies of cabinet ministers and their volumes of staffers created by Stephen Harper over the last decade, costly taxpayers millions on needless bureaucracy.

    And so on.

    See, a balanced budget is just about setting different priorities and attacking those expenses or programs that make no sense to the AVERAGE Canadian.

    Do you want a Canada that only looks out for the 1% or one that balances support for all industries with support for individuals?

    Do you want a Canada that supports all individuals, regardless of their ‘status’ as a Canadian, be it rich, poor, etc?

    When politicians get into fisticuffs about who can run up the bigger deficit, just ask them what largesse Stephen Harper has created and how quickly they’ll be able to take it down.

    The Leading NDP Need to Show Leadership

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    By not cowering away from two important sore points in Canadian economic and political policy:

    1. The Tar Sands are killing Canada and its reputation on many different levels.  Leaving Tar in the ground is OK by me.
    2. Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians, and yet it seems offensive to speak the truth about what’s happening in the world.  By removing Morgan Wheeldon, the NDP are complicit in the crimes being committed by Israel.

    Tom Mulcair:  you have (had?) the lead.

    Prove you’re a leader.

    Take a tough stand on these and other issues and stop playing into Harper’s hands.

    Canada will reward you when you do.

    Reaction to McQuaig Fuel Awareness of Harper’s Lack of Plan

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    And lies about managing the economy.

    A good manager looks at all of the resources, talents and opportunities of a country, not just a single industry.  Stephen Harper is NOT a good manager because he is obsessed with one aspect of our economy – at the expense of all others.

    The Tar Sands in Canada account for just 2% of our GDP, but Stephen Harper and the Conservatives would have us believe that they are the ‘Golden Goose’ that lays all eggs for Canada.

    Rotten eggs, that is.

    Linda McQuaig – NDP candidate for Toronto Centre – recently repeated what millions of scientists, analysts, environmentalists, politicians and Stephen Harper himself have committed to in signing international declarations concerning limiting carbon emissions.

    We need to leave the tar in the ground if we’re going to survive the 21st century.

    So why then are McQuaig’s comments generating so much controversy?

    Because it proves Harper and his cabal have no plan.

    Yes, they’ve agreed to limit emissions globally, but they do not have a plan to engage the country’s largest polluter, the Tar Sands, as a means of addressing these commitments.

    Yet another example of Stephen Harper’s mouth writing cheques his ass can’t cash.

    Old White Men Hold the Key #elxn42

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    Old white men may be the deciding factor in this election.

    EKOS data shows that they are an important deciding factor, especially those men who are 65 or older.


    It’s more than likely that ALL of us know someone in this category.  They just want to be left alone when it comes to government poking around, they’ve had enough of intrusive politics to last a lifetime (and let’s face it … they have) and they’re almost always voted Conservative because they play into that popular Stephen Harper meme that demands ‘stability’ and ‘staying the course’.

    Of course, if your dad or older brother or uncle or teacher is just like my dad, MOST of their news and content comes from mainstream media, a disturbingly tentacled organization owned and operated by a handful people that also profit (coincidentally) from ongoing ads and promotions from the Stephen Harper Government (TM).

    They help spread the lies of Stephen Harper.  They too ask those questions stupidly and idiotically repeating the meme that there couldn’t possibly be someone else in the universe that could take the reins without the country falling into the abyss.

    The great challenge is that they believe the lies that are spun every day.  I can still hear an important father-figure saying ‘Mike Duffy is a great guy’ shortly after he ripped a new hole for Stephane Dion.

    The countless times I’ve also heard ‘who’s qualified to run the government’ and I shout out ‘my dog’, ‘an ant’, ‘a robot’, ‘a plant’, ‘anyone but Stephen Harper’ but it falls on deaf ears because I’m seen as being tainted the other way.

    And guess what?  We are falling into an abyss.  Privacy is no longer.  Human rights, financial independence, environmental stability and the economic future of Canada have all been carved to bits so the Hair can stay in control.

    Beg and implore them to act and vote for their children and grandchildren and work against Harper and his machine.  Remind them that you can tell Harper is lying … is when he opens his mouth.  His myths about economic prowess and security for the nation are nothing but delusions of grandeur.  Convince them that the future of Canada deserves something more optimistic, bright and hopeful and not dark, cynical and cheap.

    If they still resist, use analogy:  if an old white guy were kicking a visible minority, would you report it to the police or accept $5 for looking the other way?  Right now, Stephen Harper is that bully kicking at everything Canada SHOULD be and he’s bribing you with a few petty tax breaks or financial incentives that the vast majority of these people can no longer afford.

    So please, do it for Canada:  speak with these old white men and beg them to reconsider who they vote for.  Talk about strategic voting or give them tools so they can be informed.

    Everyone’s future depends on it!!

    Why Was CBC Radio’s Coverage of the Election Announcement SO Embarrassing?

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    Yesterday morning, we were on the road when Stephen Harper launched his latest attack on Canada (aka #ELXN42) so we were listening to the CBC broadcast of the event.

    He started in French.  It was about 15 minutes of labourious language, and the CBC cut in with broken English translation about 5 minutes in.

    Then, once he finally started his speech in English, Susan Bonner cut in and interrupted Harper’s announcement, again in a seemingly awkward and broken English that was intensely frustrating.

    The whole time, I was stunned by how rude this interruption seemed and I was cursing the CBC for failing to just let the announcement be made.

    Did anyone else experience this?

    Also, later in the day on ‘Cross Country Checkup’ we had a sub for Rex Murphy and they were basically asking the same stupid asinine question of ‘are you ready for an election?’

    My answer is ‘of course, I’m ready’.  I’m ready all the time for an election BECAUSE WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY.  If you don’t like elections, if you don’t like voting, then leave Canada and live somewhere where you don’t get an opportunity to at least have a say in who your leader will be.

    I think today’s journalists are just being lazy and are asking the ‘play it to the bottom’ question as opposed to asking something intelligent like ‘why is Stephen Harper dodging the real question of why are you imposing such an expensive election on Canadians’, largely in the guise of pretending that they’re being objective.

    Finally, I was driven to shouting at the radio during the latter show when a listener opined that he doesn’t ‘trust Stats Canada because they just make up numbers’.

    That phrase is a snapshot of the morons that will hand Stephen Harper another election:  ignorant, unchanging old white men that believe the lies Harper is telling.

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    Electioneering and the Upcoming Media War on the Opposition

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    Speculation has it that Stephen Harper with have tea with Guv’na tomorrow (interrupting everyone’s long weekend) pleading for an election.

    My basic prediction is that Slippery Steve has a card up his sleeve and we will find out tomorrow what it is.

    Until then, let me share my theory as to what it is.  I think he will call an early election, with a date that will likely fall shortly after Labour Day weekend.

    First, think of the context.  It will be yet another twist in the endless media war that Stephen Harper is waging against Canadians and their non-Conservative, political parties.

    Prone to cheesy tactics, breaking the rules, cheating, lying, stealing democratic rights and various other Machiavellian schemes that would make the Prince proud, but this time, even the UN is watching him and we can expect international inspection as the date approaches.

    As I say, I believe that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives will request that the writ be dropped tomorrow, but that they will also stick to the ‘standard’ election time-frame of 30-35 days.

    I believe that he will use the following arguments for breaking his own rule concerning a fixed election date:

    1. It will save money.  Right now, an 11-week campaign is projected to cost Canadians an extra $125 million (minimum).  Not the ‘sound financial management’ that Steve repeatedly promises.
    2. They would like to ‘respect tradition’ and would like to ensure that the election is not the longest in Canadian history.
    3. An earlier election eliminates any possibility of ‘confusion’ concerning third-party attack ads that are crushing Stephen Harper in the polls.
    4. He wants to avoid the accusation of draining the coffers of opposition parties ‘unfairly’, masking what I believe to be the real truth:  the Conservatives don’t have as much money as everyone thinks.

    Being the cynic and despot that he is, he’ll call an election just after Labour Day because no one will be around or they’re dropping off kids for first day of school.

    It might even play into the hands of pissed off parents who could potentially be in the middle of a teacher’s strike in Ontario in September.  The Liberals AND NDP will not look good if this happens, resulting in advantage Steve.

    It’ll help him avoid a new wave of questioning with the Senate scandal, dodging tricky questions about Nigel Wright, Patrick Brazeau, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and others that would otherwise stall the Conservative campaign.

    Finally – and most importantly in my view – Stephen Harper will act on long cooked plans to screw the opposition in the upcoming media war.  Yes, I said Steve may be the only one who knows the actual date, but it’s likely that his media buyers have been aware of the actual date for some time, booking TV, print, radio and magazine ads in the middle of summer … when no one else is buying them.

    Cheap, available, prime spots.  Nothing the opposition will get.

    All of the other parties – thinking the ‘fixed’ election date was genuine – would have walked into contracts securing media for the latter half of September and October, but guess what?  They’ve bought nothing because they’ll have missed the election date by more than a month.

    The outcry will be deafening, but there will be nothing Canadians can do.

    Steve will have stolen the election.  Again.

    Justice Served?

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    About 8 years ago, I started writing this blog when I was overwhelmed by the disgusting show of force demonstrated by security in BC when a Polish immigrant named Robert Dziekanski came to Canada and was killed in the Vancouver airport October 14, 2007.

    He was assaulted with a taser weapon at least 5 times, despite being on the ground.

    ‘Experts’ claimed he died from ‘Excited Delirium’, a trumped up ‘medical condition’ used to defend the excessive use of taser weapons against their victims.  This defense has since been used to defend hundreds of deaths brought on by the abuse of stun and taser weapons used by police forces around the globe.

    Coroners later ruled that the attack was a homicide.

    For more on the timeline, visit this Wiki page.

    Yesterday, courts declared that one of the accused – Monty Robinson – was found guilty of perjury and was sentenced to two years prison.  This is akin to charging Al Capone with tax evasion.

    The case is being appealed.

    Eight years ago, the world watched because we have the tools to monitor, share and discuss events that are designed to crush our liberties.

    Today, Bill C-51 of the Stephen Harper Conservatives has taken away those tools and those rights.  To educate yourself about this abomination, see this Primer on Bill C-51.

    Not since J Edgar Hoover and the East European Stasi has there been such a breach in private, personal information concerning law-abiding average citizens including you and me.

    Oppose Bill C-51 today (and sign and share this petition) and ask the Liberals and Conservatives (if they give you an opportunity, which they won’t) why they would support such a tragic breach of democratic rights in Canada.

    Canada: Send Sarkozy Back to France

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    Nicolas Sarkozy Flees to Canada

    Nicolas Sarkozy has jumped ship from France following his failure in the recent French elections, only to find Canada as a safe haven from his pending corruption charges related to election fraud.

    Will Canada keep him here and protect him from the rule of law?

    God knows, this is a lawless land being run by criminals, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we offered him an extended vacation.

    Which begs the question:  when Canadians wake up from Harper’s nightmare and turf him from office, where will Stephen Harper hide when we investigate him?