April 10, 2024

Questions of Foreign Influence … Raised by the Americans in the Room

By admin

The whole ‘foreign influence inquiry’ is beyond absurd.

Of course other countries and representatives are meddling with our elections.

Americans and Europeans have been doing it for centuries.

Why is it an issue now if people from China or India want to have a say in how things evolve in Canada?

The elephant in the room question: is there a racist tone to this?

Or is it because they don’t follow the same ‘ism’ and we do? Which is what, precisely?

The list of American and non-Asian companies that have Canadian subsidiaries in long and deep. They’ve contributed a substantial amount to our economy and our well-being, but that always comes at a price, doesn’t it?

A whopping 71% of the oil and gas sector is owned by non-Canadian companies, all telling us what to do. All lobbying our officials. All funding angry mobs and separatist groups like the Angry Wexiteers and Trucker Convoy folks.

Follow that money.

I suspect we’ll find a lot of ties to Republicans and religious organizations, none of which have Canada’s best interest at heart.

Their primary goal: fragmentation. Keeping us arguing amongst ourselves while they pull the strings on bigger affairs.

If the Canadian government were to tell PostMedia and all of its subsidiaries and reporters chirping away at Liberal policies like the carbon levy to GET STUFFED because they’re at the behest of an American venture capital company, what would the reaction be?


I guess my point is that if we’re really going to do something about foreign influence, let’s talk about ALL OF THE FOREIGN INFLUENCE, including non-Asian organizations and companies.