March 27, 2024

Ford Shatters the Myth of the ‘Fiscal Conservative’

By admin

I’ve maintained in the past that Conservatives lie and lie again when they say they’ll balance the books.

Doug Ford’s government just gave us fresh evidence to support my case.

A TRIPLING of the annual spending deficit stinks of lots of money put aside for slush funds, campaign promotions and a surplus projection … just in time for the 2026-2027 election.

What we get in this budget is more breaks for developers, houses and mega-roads to connect McMansions.

What should we expect from someone named after a car company?

Key spending changes for health:

Key health spending initiatives include $564 million over three years to connect approximately 600,000 people to primary health care teams (ie. privatization of Ontario’s public system) and a $155 million construction subsidy to fast-track the construction of long-term care homes (ie. oodles of cash going to developers).

For building programs,

To support the province’s housing plans, the government is investing more than more than $1.8 billion in two funds that will help municipalities build “housing-enabling” infrastructure, including roads, bridges as well as drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure.

Didn’t we have property tax levies and building fees that used to pay for this kind of thing?

Is this really the future we want for Ontario?