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    Canada: Wake Up to Rampant Conservative Election Fraud

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    Canadians:  please take a moment to read this objective post by Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada.

    In this piece, she elaborates and calls to question the numerous accounts of Conservative-driven electoral fraud and corruption.

    We must put an end to this as quickly as possible.

    Pretending it’ll all work out in the end is just stupid.

    “Fone Fraud Fiasco” Finalizes Federal Fate

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    Canada’s Fone Fraud Fiasco threatens to be the biggest corruption scandal uncovered.  Ever.

    I’m mad.  I’m excited.  I’m frustrated.  I’m nervous.

    The lines are finally buzzing with all kinds of demands from Canadian voters:

    • Fire them
    • Catch Harper in his own web
    • Recount, recall, by-elections
    • Restore Canadian democracy

    This shit is hitting the fan.  Big.

    It’s about time the nooks and crannies of the Conservative Party of Canada’s fraudulent activities pissed off enough Canadians to demand that Stephen Harper step down, but will he?

    We know he’s good at blaming junior staffers and others for the mid-deeds and cheating of his party, but will he let go of his clench on power?

    Will he continue to cower in his office, avoiding any responsibility, or will Stephen Harper finally own up to the mess that he’s created or at least enabled?

    What will Canadians do to get justice in our democracy?  Will we demand recall?  Can we?  Will we organize a massive one-day strike against the Conservatives and their threats of austerity, fiscal waste and bloated military expenditures?

    More than 30 ridings are in question now following the Fone Fraud Fiasco, more than enough to eliminate Stephen Harper’s majority.

    How soon before we have our country back?

    Stephen Harper, Fascist?

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    Canadian Dimensions has an excellent review of the classic 14 traits of a fascist and the winner seems to be Stephen Harper.

    While Nick Fillmore, the author of the article, is much more kind to Canada’s current Prime Minister, the comments seem to indicate that many of the categories under question crystallize the point of view that Stephen Harper’s idea of Canada just doesn’t match what the rest of us think it should be.

    Do you own survey and post your own scale.  Let me know how it turns out.

    Here’s mine:

    1. Nationalism: (Excited Delirium: 8).  During the elections and other events, Stephen Harper has put everything and anything he could into Canada winning and winning again.  His constant leveraging of the military and defense spending increases all point to fervent nationalism.
    2. Human Rights: (Excited Delirium: 6).  The G8/G20 fiasco was just a start. Watch what happens under Steve’s watch when the crime bill starts putting Canadians in jail by the thousands.  The main reason this isn’t higher is that Stephen Harper actually did initiate the Truth and Reconciliation process Canada’s First Nations People.
    3. Enemies as scapegoats: (Excited Delirium: 10).  As he climbed the ladder, it was on the backs of Liberals, Socialists and everyone else that he could turn into a scapegoat.  Harper is an expert at blaming others while failing to take accountability for anything except his own aggrandizement.  Look at the low-level hack with the robo-call scandal as a perfect example of failure to take responsibility.
    4. Supremacy of the Military: (Excited Delirium: 10).  Canada is becoming a ‘one-trick’ pony, with defense spending going through the roof.
    5. Rampant Sexism: (Excited Delirium: 7).  While he’s not overt about sexist views, the policies of the Conservatives reflect a ‘women should be in the kitchen’ attitude. Read the fine print on a lot of their platform.  You’ll be surprised.
    6. Controlled Mass Media: (Excited Delirium: 10).  Harper has the mainstream media locked under his thumb, through the combination of subsidies, advertising close personal connections.  Even the CBC has become a wash-out under his leadership.
    7. Obsession with National Security: (Excited Delirium: 10).  Four words:  Vic Toews Surveillance State.
    8. Religion and Ruling Elite tied together: (Excited Delirium: 10).  It’s been common knowledge that Harper and his crew get considerable backing from the religious right not only in Canada, but from the US as well.  I’m surprised that Fillmore suggests there isn’t a connection.  I suggest you read Armageddon Factor to kick-start your research.
    9. Power of Corporations protected: (Excited Delirium: 10).  The power of corporations in Canada is now an absolute.  Harper would sooner have our parents eating Alpo than retire in dignity while corporate tax cuts continue.
    10. Power of Labour supressed/eliminated: (Excited Delirium: 10).  The death of labour in Canada is a done deal.
    11. Disdain/suppression of Intellectuals: (Excited Delirium: 10).  Two words:  Stockwell Day.
    12. Obsession with crime/punishment: (Excited Delirium: 10).  Three words:  Omnibus Crime Bill.  We are either with them or we are pedophiles (or environmental ‘terrorists’).
    13. Rampant cronyism/corruption: (Excited Delirium: 8).   Eight words:  Tony Clement’s Gazebo and the Economic Action Plan.
    14. Fraudulent Elections: (Excited Delirium: 10).  While Canadian elections have not been fraudulent per se, Harper’s cynicism towards democracy is more than abundant when we look at the leveraging of vote-splitting, pocket-book politics and other schemes to shift the attention of voters from the real issues.  I originally had this as an 8, but along came the robo-call scandal to remind us that there should be no confidence in this government because they stole the election.

    Total score:  129 out of 140.

    Why Vic Toews Laws are Worse Than Gun Laws

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    Stephen Harper, Vic Toews, Jason Miller and the rest of the lying Conservatives would have us believe that the Gun Registry (now dead) is the incarnation of all evil because it enables the tracking of a very specific group of people and their buying habits.

    Well guess what?  The proposed legislation from the Conservatives will do exactly that, but for every Canadian and in much more detail.  And without having to tell you they’re monitoring you.

    Take that, gun nuts.  You’re being tracked whether you like it or not.  Unfortunately, the Conservatives are pretending they’re on your side, but they just sold you out with something FAR more worse.

    Ooops.  Did they forget to tell all of us this?  That they’ve introduced what amounts to something way more invasive than the gun registry for every single Canadian, despite our opposition to it?

    And what bugs me most?  Stephen Harper hides behind his ministers avoiding taking any criticism himself.  It’s shameful that he’s leading this country.

    C’mon people:  tell the Conservatives to stay out of our lives.

    Sign the Petition now.

    Mysteries Surrounding the GOP Race, MSM, CNN and the CBC

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    I didn’t think I’d really care about what happens with the GOP (Republican) race in the US, but the reality is that there is one candidate that makes sense to me:  Ron Paul.

    And there’s something that doesn’t make sense to me:  the coverage (or lack thereof) of this candidate and the other candidates being presented as the most likely to win.

    How did Gingrich win South Carolina when he couldn’t even ‘pack’ a staged event?

    The mainstream media wants to pretend he doesn’t exist and the GOP is engaging in vote fraud (what else is new, Bush 2000, Bush 2004) to ensure that either Gingrich or Romney win the Republican title.

    Here are some examples of this disturbing trend:

    CNN in the US has completely dropped Ron Paul from the list of Republican candidates, possibly because some of the people with CNN are married to the military establishment, but possibly because Ron Paul simply sends a message that they don’t like.

    In a CNN poll buried along the right-hand column of the same news page, there’s a poll.  Here were the results yesterday afternoon, with more than 250,000 people answering the question:

    CNN South Carolina Survey Ron Paul

    Ron Paul is the leader, fighting it out with Romney.  Gingrich is a distant third.

    If you don’t like these numbers, how about a little comedy from Jon Stewart:

    What’s important is the lack of fair coverage with the likes of CNN.  The question is why?  Why would they risk any journalistic integrity that they purport to have and avoid coverage of this viable candidate.

    Follow the moneyMany of the key players are the establishment that Ron Paul wants to do away with.  Anderson Cooper, ex-CIA, is also a member of the prestigious Vanderbilt family which, along with JP Morgan, Rockefeller and others, pushed the US into reviving the Federal Reserve.

    Under Ron Paul, many supporters hope that the military would face severe cuts (although this remains to be seen).  CNN reporter Gloria Borger is married to Lance Morgan, influential employee with Tate Powell, a lobby group in Washington.  Tate Powell also happens to represent the US military, US Chamber of Commerce and dozens of other organizations that wouldn’t be in favour of big cuts to the pork-barreling politics that is the US government today.

    Now, I don’t really care about all of this, but I feel it’s important for people to understand that there are bigger things at play when it comes to what’s happening in US politics.

    What I am truly bothered by is how the CBC trundles along with all of this crap and reports on how Ron Paul is a nobody and he’s ‘fading’.  If you look at the poll above, Paul is IN THE LEAD with popular vote, not fading.

    Why would the CBC ‘shape news’ like this for Canadians when they have nothing to gain from it?

    The only clue available on the links above is that the story is regurgitated from the Canadian Press, Canada’s for-profit propaganda source owned by Bell and others.  Perhaps they have everything to gain from unending war from the US?

    Where Did the Fed Get $7.7 Trillion?

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    The Federal Reserve – a privately owned lender to the Federal Government in the US – printed $7.7 trillion during the 2008 financial crisis.

    They gave it to banks in 2008 while the rest of America started to fall apart.

    Dennis Kucinich explains:

    If you don’t believe what he’s saying, know this:  nearly HALF of all capital gains in the US went to just 0.1% of the US population.  Continued efforts to reduce the tax on capital gains will only exaggerate the inequality in the US and elsewhere, including Canada.

    Here’s the translation:  socialism for the top crust, capitalism for the rest of you.

    Economics, Media and Mass Manipulation

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    I don’t recall where I got the link for this site, but the context of this article on Economics, Media and Mass Manipulation is riveting, despite the length.  It’s well worth the read, packed with data and the author accomplishes what they set out to do:  prove that change is coming, whether we like it or not.

    The three pillars sustaining the American empire edifice of never ending war, ever accumulating debt and excessive consumerism are crumbling. The growing corruption and weight of un-payable debt have weakened the very foundation of our grand experiment. The existing structure will surely collapse. My entire adult life has tracked the decline of the American empire. I had become comfortably numb. I came to my senses and began to question all the Federal government/Wall Street/Corporate Media sponsored truths about eight years ago. Many others have also awoken and begun to challenge the false storylines dictated by those in power.

    Yeah, right.  I can hear you now:  whispering about the pot-induced lyrics of Pink Floyd in context of ‘Comfortably Numb’, the chosen title of this piece, but it was this chart the reminded me that income opportunities, taxation and share of income is definitely not skewed in our favour:


    Every day we work, we lose money to inflation and taxation.  The cards are clearly stacked against us, but apparently things will be OK so long as we continue to inflate our debt, swap real assets for credit assets and keep track of what’s happening with ‘Dance with the Stars’.

    What can I say?  Things are going to change.  If they don’t, things are going to change.

    I Want Our $100 Billion BACK!

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    This is a rant.  I am very, very upset with you bleeping bleepity-bleep Canadians that voted for Conservatives.

    The Conservatives have admitted to rigging the 2006 election and have faced up to penalties related to ‘administrative errors’ related to the In and Out Scandal (admittedly yet to be a scandal because the CTVers and Quebecors make too much money from Conservative advertisements).

    Our country is being run by crooks and we’re just sitting back doing nothing.

    You bought into the lies of Stephen Harper and his crooked team not once, not twice, but at least three times.

    You fell for their pocket-book promises.

    You voted for criminals.

    You voted for liars.

    You voted for thieves.

    You voted for bad business managers.

    And when your taxes and fees and other costs of living skyrocket because you’re subsidizing tax cuts, jet planes and prisons we don’t need, you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

    However, I WANT MY MONEY BACK.  Millions of other Canadians should demand their money back as well.

    By my calculations, the Conservatives owe Canada at least $100 billion.

    Just the GST cut alone probably cost us that much.

    Why Greece?

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    I want an answer to this questions:  why is Greece bearing the brunt of financial attacks in the past few months?

    Why are the people of Greece having ‘austerity’ measures shoved down their throats more than any other country in the world?

    We hear endlessly from the mainstream media about how Greece is in financial crisis because it’s not answering to the calls for tighter austerity measures or how the economy is going to collapse as a result of their debt burdens.

    But I really want to know:  why Greece?

    But Why Greece?

    Greece is nowhere near the top when it comes to some of the typical economic comparisons:

    Debt: CNBC ran a series looking at the total debt of the 20 largest debtor nations, at least when comparing external debt to GDP.  Greece was number 15 out of 20, owing $182 (182%) for every dollar in GDP.  This was more than the US (120%) and Australia (139%), but substantially better than countries like Germany (185%), France (250%), Belgium (336%) and, of course, Ireland (a whopping 1,382%).

    To save you the boredom of going through each slide, the list of countries with respective debt per capita is as follows:

    External Debt (as % of GDP) Gross External Debt (Billions) 2009 GDP (Est, Billions)
    1 Ireland 1382.0% $ 2,380 $ 172
    2 England 413.3% $ 8,981 $ 2,173
    3 Switzerland 401.9% $ 1,304 $ 325
    4 Netherlands 376.3% $ 2,550 $ 677
    5 Belgium 335.9% $ 1,324 $ 394
    6 Denmark 310.4% $ 626 $ 202
    7 Sweden 282.2% $ 1,001 $ 355
    8 Finland 271.5% $ 505 $ 186
    9 Austria 261.0% $ 867 $ 332
    10 Norway 251.0% $ 641 $ 255
    11 Hong Kong 250.0% $ 816 $ 326
    12 France 250.0% $ 5,370 $ 2,150
    13 Portugal 223.6% $ 552 $ 247
    14 Germany 185.1% $ 5,440 $ 2,940
    15 Greece 182.2% $ 580 $ 318
    16 Spain 179.4% $ 2,460 $ 1,370
    17 Italy 146.6% $ 2,602 $ 1,770
    18 Australia 138.9% $ 1,230 $ 882
    19 Hungary 120.1% $ 225 $ 188
    20 US 101.1% $ 14,825 $ 14,660
    AVERAGE 303% $ 2,714 $ 1,496
    SUM $ 54,278 $ 29,922

    Debt per Capita: when looking at total debt per capita (using the same numbers in the CNBC report), Greece ranked as the 6th best country when it came to the total amount owing per person in this country:

    Debt Per Capita Rank Index to Average
    Hungary $ 22,739 1 20%
    Italy $ 44,760 2 39%
    US $ 48,258 3 42%
    Germany $ 51,572 4 44%
    Portugal $ 51,572 5 44%
    Greece $ 53,984 6 47%
    Australia $ 57,641 7 50%
    Spain $ 60,614 8 52%
    France $ 83,781 9 72%
    Finland $ 96,197 10 83%
    Austria $ 105,616 11 91%
    Sweden $ 110,479 12 95%
    Denmark $ 113,826 13 98%
    Hong Kong $ 115,612 14 100%
    Belgium $ 127,197 15 110%
    Norway $ 137,476 16 119%
    England $ 146,953 17 127%
    Netherlands $ 152,380 18 131%
    Switzerland $ 171,528 19 148%
    Ireland $ 566,756 20 489%
    AVERAGE $ 115,947 100%

    Again, Ireland looks just disgusting with $566, 756 per capita owing (probably less if Bono would pay his taxes) and Greeks owe about $0.30 per every dollar that the British owe to global lenders.

    There are a number of other ways to twist these basic numbers, but they keep telling me the same story:  Greece should not be facing the problems it’s facing and I smell a witch hunt.

    Despite these very clear facts, many economists and other soap-boxers pretend to refer to a non-existent myth that there’s a difference in ‘ability to repay’, like the Swiss and Germans shit gold ducats while the Greece are completely incapable of taking care of the fiscal responsibilities.

    This is, of course, a myth, and if I were Greek, I’d be pretty damn insulted with the regular insinuations that the British or Australians or others around the world are more capable of taking care of their own books than the creators of democracy.

    So Why Greece?

    We’ve seen that the facts tell a different story:  Greece is in substantially better economic condition than most EU countries, at least when you look at GDP per capita and total external debt to GDP.

    It seems the ‘Greece bashing’ needs an explanation.

    I have one:  Greeks elected socialists and the world bankers don’t like that.

    Here’s a reprint of the table from above with political ‘leaning’ of each government.  Notice how Greece is one of the few that lean towards believing socialism is a viable political alternative to market politics.

    Debt Per Capita Rank Index to Average Current Government
    Hungary $ 22,739 1 20% Market / Capitalist
    Italy $ 44,760 2 39% Market / Capitalist
    US $ 48,258 3 42% Market / Capitalist
    Germany $ 51,572 4 44% Market / Capitalist
    Portugal $ 51,572 5 44% Socialist / Soc Dem
    Greece $ 53,984 6 47% Socialist / Soc Dem
    Australia $ 57,641 7 50% Market / Capitalist
    Spain $ 60,614 8 52% Socialist / Soc Dem
    France $ 83,781 9 72% Market / Capitalist
    Finland $ 96,197 10 83% Market / Capitalist
    Austria $ 105,616 11 91% Socialist / Soc Dem
    Sweden $ 110,479 12 95% Market / Capitalist
    Denmark $ 113,826 13 98% Socialist / Soc Dem
    Hong Kong $ 115,612 14 100% Market / Capitalist
    Belgium $ 127,197 15 110% Market / Capitalist
    Norway $ 137,476 16 119% Socialist / Soc Dem
    England $ 146,953 17 127% Market / Capitalist
    Netherlands $ 152,380 18 131% Market / Capitalist
    Switzerland $ 171,528 19 148% Market / Capitalist
    Ireland $ 566,756 20 489% Market / Capitalist
    AVERAGE $ 115,947 100%

    NOTE:  I admit that I took a bit of a leap with some characterizations of each country, but finding this information was actually quite a challenge.  If corrections are needed, please post them in the comments and I’ll adjust the table.

    Greece, Portugal and Spain all stand out as current social democratic or socialist countries.

    In other words, there’s a very good possibility that because of the political bias of each of these countries, the banks have been shut out of the halls of parliament in Greece.  Admittedly, Norway and Denmark (and other countries that swing back and forth with conservative and SocDem governments) throw a kink into my description, but their external debt is admittedly much lower than other countries.

    Anyways, the overt attack on Greece and the people of Greece is exactly how the bankers get their revenge.

    What’s that?  They’re taking a write-down on their existing debt to the Greek government?  Well, if Greeks have their say, there won’t be anything to pay back.  They’ll declare bankruptcy and forfeit on EVERYTHING they owe, leaving the money junkies with nothing but a bunch of empty sacks.

    As a result of this situation, the money junkies of Europe and elsewhere have risked the life of one of their debt addicts and they need to revive it before the addict dies.

    Or … before something worse happens …

    Enter the ‘Iceland Solution’

    In 2008, Iceland faced a similar ruinous economic future. They were being threatened by external forces that were going to rip their economy apart, piece by piece.  The IMF forced the existing government to impose a whopping minimum 18% interest on any debts outstanding.

    Early in 2009, the people of Iceland said no.  They handled things a different way.

    A new left-wing government was formed early February, 2009 in response to the crisis and citizens demanding better.

    The new government devalued the Icelandic Krona even further than it already had been, crushing the value of any outstanding debt.  By April 2009, the government had launched an investigation into some of the banks and other institutions that tried to ruin the economyOther business leaders have come under investigation for manipulating the economic situation to their benefit.

    Greece – and any other country on the planet – can follow the same path.  Despite what the Euro-Zone junkies are trying to scare us with.  In fact, CNBC has already stated that Greece is the most powerful country in the world right now because the lenders are desperate to remedy the situation and avoid economic revolution.

    A referendum is exactly what the Greeks should be entitled to instead of more austerity measures.  If they don’t get it, it will turn the country into chaos.  German and French hypocrites will have to step aside.

    This is a path to our future that the bank-owned countries are desperately trying to avoid, as it would set and reinforce a dangerous alternative to dropping your pants and continuing on with issuing debt and driving your country to economic ruin over and over again.

    It would force the Greeks to take ownership of their problems and possibly never borrow again.

    And this has bankers terrified.

    External Debt (as % of GDP) Gross External Debt (Billions) 2009 GDP (Est, Billions)
    1 Ireland 1382.0% $ 2,380 $ 172
    3 Switzerland 401.9% $ 1,304 $ 325
    4 Netherlands 376.3% $ 2,550 $ 677
    2 England 413.3% $ 8,981 $ 2,173
    10 Norway 251.0% $ 641 $ 255
    5 Belgium 335.9% $ 1,324 $ 394
    11 Hong Kong 250.0% $ 816 $ 326
    6 Denmark 310.4% $ 626 $ 202
    7 Sweden 282.2% $ 1,001 $ 355
    9 Austria 261.0% $ 867 $ 332
    8 Finland 271.5% $ 505 $ 186
    12 France 250.0% $ 5,370 $ 2,150
    16 Spain 179.4% $ 2,460 $ 1,370
    18 Australia 138.9% $ 1,230 $ 882
    15 Greece 182.2% $ 580 $ 318
    13 Portugal 223.6% $ 552 $ 247
    14 Germany 185.1% $ 5,440 $ 2,940
    20 US 101.1% $ 14,825 $ 14,660
    17 Italy 146.6% $ 2,602 $ 1,770
    19 Hungary 120.1% $ 225 $ 188
    AVERAGE 303% $ 2,714 $ 1,496
    SUM $ 54,278 $ 29,922

    Toronto G20 Use of Agent Provocateurs

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    This goes in the ‘no s7!t’ pile of obvious conclusions about what happened last year during the G20 conference in Toronto, but it’s still worth reporting to the general public that what went down last year was just plain wrong.

    Once again, we see that fascism is alive and well in Canada and 40% of our fellow citizens voted for this!