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May 12, 2011

Why Buy Local

This info-graphic was assembled by elocal.com and makes an exceptionally compelling argument as to why people should at least consider buying local when they’re in the grocery store and elsewhere:

March 16, 2009

US to Make Growing Your Own Food Illegal?

To be honest, I admit that I feel I’m wading into deep waters of ignorance on this one, but I felt compelled to share this link with the audience that follows Excited Delirium. I’ve seen a few other stories related to the US government’s act to impose limitations on the growth and sale of local or organic foods, but I’m really keen to get feedback […]

November 22, 2008

Using Melamine to Boost Protein

This site offers some background information concerning the use of melamine in foods made and delivered from China. The ‘bottom line’ provided sums everything up nicely: Know where your food comes from and how it’s produced. This may sound like an impossible task, and in many cases it will be. Particularly if you depend on processed and commercially farmed foods. However, if you purchase your […]