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January 7, 2009

China to Reduce $US Transactions

Please note:  the opinions expressed in this blog do not constitute financial advice.  Any investment action that you take in response to this article or other articles on this blog (or other blogs, for that matter) should be done with the support or review of a registered financial advisor. The government of China has announced that it will reduce the volume of $US transactions, mainly […]

November 16, 2008

The Real Enemy? Corn

According to this article , research efforts related to the impact of corn on our society are difficult, stymied by the fast food industry and generally unpopular within the academic circles. For years now, chickens and cows have been force-fed a food product that isn’t even part of their original diet.  With cows, the effect of eating corn is particularly disturbing: Corn fattens up cows […]