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NDP Leadership Change in 2011?

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2010 was a shameful year for Canadian economics and democracy:

  • G20 ‘police’ forces stomping on the rights of Canadian protestors.  Byron Sonne and many others remain in prison, despite the lack of real reason or threat.
  • Untendered contracts being awarded for planes we don’t need
  • The introduction of privatization of pension plans and the CPP
  • Ongoing reductions in corporate tax rates while small businesses disappear
  • Support for the destruction of this planet, starting with Alberta and its ongoing effort to hold the less-than-attractive position as the largest industrial project in history

The list goes on.  Add yours if you feel like chiming in.  I think we owe it to ourselves to keep a full and ongoing checklist of Harper’s injustices against Canada.

As Stephen Harper continues his reign over Canada, we will all continue to suffer.

Of course, he’s just doing what comes naturally to him.  However, as we all know, he was only elected by a few people in this country, so he needs help to keep his hold on power.

And he knows exactly how to play each of the leaders of the opposition in order to stay in power.

In 2011, he will turn again to Jack Layton.

Unfortunately, Jack Layton has already returned to the table with Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty and the rest of the crew and will most likely help them craft a budget that will likely pass in the House of Commons early in 2011.  This action alone will ensure that the Harper Conservatives continue to desecrate this country’s reputation in 2011 and beyond.

However, there is another way.  Jack Layton and the rest of the NDP can begin to oppose the machinations of the Harper regime and reject their cynical and abusive politics.  They can stand up to the bullies in the classroom and actually defend the interests of Canadians.

This future would be a nice future and my prediction would fall flat.  If only that would happen, we’d all be better off.

However, I think Jack will get tricked again into supporting the Conservatives and when he does, I believe that he should be seen as abdicating his right as the leader of the NDP.  Negotiating and planning with potentially like-minded people (the Bloc, the Greens, the Liberals) should be a priority, along with do everything possible to get proportional representation implemented at the Federal level.  Playing nickel and dime games with Diamond Jim is a waste for all Canadians and, more importantly, runs contrary to the essence of the NDP belief structure.

But who would take Jack’s place?  The obvious choice is Thomas Mulcair.  He’s fluent in both languages, comes from Quebec, and he shares the Deputy leadership with Libby Davies.

However, I would suggest another option:  Gary Doer.  That’s right.  Gary Doer.  As the past leader of Manitoba’s provincial government, I believe he was singled out by Stephen Harper to serve his current appointment as Canada’s Ambassador to the United States with the specific intent of keeping him away from Federal NDP leadership.  That said, we don’t have to do what Stevie says and we can always pull him back to save Canada.

Of course, if Gary Doer is not available, we’re going to need some new names that will lift the NDP to a completely different stratosphere than the Liberals and Conservatives if they’re going to generate appeal for a massive chunk of population that is unimpressed with any of this country’s leaders.

Who do you think should be in charge if there’s a change in 2011?  Add your comments below.

Whipping the NDP: Jack Won’t, So We Will

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Jack Layton just won’t do his job.

Jack won’t whip (or at least kindly ask) his rural MPs to vote against the private member’s bill in the House of Commons.  For more background on this, read my original post.

The rationale is that he won’t whip his fellow MPs into a position that their constituents may not want.  I understand, but will tell you that a good leader won’t have to use ‘whipping’ to convince his MPs that they’re doing the right thing.

However, this won’t happen and it throws the leadership of the NDP into question.

But that’s a longer and more involved issue that we have to return to later.

In the interim, we (you, me and everyone else that cares about safety in Canada) have some work to do.

Below is a full list of NDP MPs that may wind up supporting the private member’s bill and the Conservative effort to dissolve the Gun Registry.

Ask them what makes them smarter about this than the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

Remind them that for every vote they keep in a rural riding (assuming we have an election tomorrow, which we won’t), they’ll likely lose 10-100 votes in urban areas.

I sure as hell won’t vote for the NDP if this get through!

Here’s a quick list of all of the email addresses so you can copy/paste them to your email:
Allen.Ma@parl.gc.ca, AngusC@parl.gc.ca, Ashton.N@parl.gc.ca, BevinD@parl.gc.ca, Cullen.N@parl.gc.ca, Gravelle.C@parl.gc.ca, Hughes.C@parl.gc.ca, Hyer.B@parl.gc.ca, Maloway.J@parl.gc.ca, Rafferty.J@parl.gc.ca, StoffP@parl.gc.ca, Thibeault.G@parl.gc.ca

And here are the details (remember that calling is much more effective than emailing):

Allen, Malcolm
T: 905-788-2204
Ottawa: 613-995-0988
Email: Allen.Ma@parl.gc.ca

Angus, Charlie
Timmins/James Bay
T: 705-567-2747
Ottawa: 613-992-2919
Email: AngusC@parl.gc.ca

Ashton, Niki
T: 866-785-0522
Ottawa: 613-992-3018
Email: Ashton.N@parl.gc.ca

Bevington, Dennis
Western Arctic
T: 867-873-6995
Ottawa: 613-992-4587
Email: BevinD@parl.gc.ca

Cullen, Nathan
Skeena Bulkley Valley
T: (250) 877-4140
Ottawa: 613 993 6654
Email: Cullen.N@parl.gc.ca

Gravelle, Claude
Nickel Belt
T: 705-897-2222
Ottawa: 613-995-9107
Email: Gravelle.C@parl.gc.ca

Hughes, Carol
Algoma / Manitoulin / Kapuskasing
T: 705-848-8080
Ottawa: 613-996-5376
Email: Hughes.C@parl.gc.ca

Hyer, Bruce
Thunder Bay / Superior North
T: 807-345-1818
Ottawa: 613 996 4792
Email: Hyer.B@parl.gc.ca

Maloway, Jim
Elmwood / Transcona
T: 204-984-2499
Ottawa: 613-995-6339
Email: Maloway.J@parl.gc.ca

Rafferty, John
Thunder Bay / Rainy River
T: 807-623-6000
Ottawa: 613 992 3061
Email: Rafferty.J@parl.gc.ca

Stoffer, Peter
Sackville / Eastern Shore
T: 902-861-2311
Ottawa: 613-995-5822
Email: StoffP@parl.gc.ca

Thibeault, Glenn
T: 705-673-7107
Ottawa: 613-996-8962
Email: Thibeault.G@parl.gc.ca

Call them today.  Tell your friends to call them.  Remind them of the cost to the popularity of the NDP if they fail to support such a simple and basic way to keep our cities safe.

Will a Future Canadian Gun Crime be Known as a “Jack Attack”?

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Jack Layton’s refusal to stand up for the Gun Registry will cost all Canadians.

Unfortunately, Jack Layton is only capable of thinking about his party’s fortunes and preservation of a few rural seats.

Of course, he fails to see that strength and leadership on an issue will win the hearts or urban voters, but he’d rather surrender those seats to the Liberals.

Yesterday’s NDP negotiated with the Liberals to bring us life (ie. the universal Health Care system).

Today’s NDP bring us death.

So … when the Gun Registry dies because Jack Layton refused to act on this (and continues to show favour to Cons rather than negotiate with the more politically aligned Liberals), will Canadians remember this shameful act and refer to gun crime as a “Jack Attack”?

My Open Letter to Jack Layton

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Dear Mr. Layton,

As you and other Canadian MPs return to Parliament, you will be faced with many tough choices.

However, I believe that there is no choice when it comes to dealing with Stephen Harper.  In fact, I beg that you do not.

Instead, please realize that small concessions and short-term gains do nothing for the long-term credibility of this once-great nation that has been eroded to apathy and exhaustion by the scheming and corrupt Conservatives.

The Conservative Party of Canada has created a level of embarrassment and shame for all Canadians.  Whether you look at environmental issues or the ongoing (and potential Constitutional) crisis related to the torture of Afghani detainees, it’s abundantly clear that these people care not for the future pride and dignity of all Canadians.  They only care about clutching the reins of power as long as they can and you’re an enabler.

Do your job and make us proud again:  NOW is the time for you and your peers to demand responsibility and accountability from the Harper regime.

Supporting this government is akin to turning your back on all Canadians that are craving leadership.

We yearn for someone to finally take a stand a say enough is enough.  No more deals.  No more promises.  No more concessions.

We desperately need someone who will stand up for the voices of all Canadians that believe in progressive attitudes.

We all stand at the precipice and you and a select few others have the option of pushing us into the abyss or throwing us a life-line.  Either way, we will not forget your actions.  The choices you and your fellow opposition MPs make today will spell success or failure for not only the NDP, but our country as a whole.  Which would you rather have?

I’ll vote for you when you when you help bring this government down.



Canada’s Only Hope: An Orange-Green Merger

Igantieff bullied his way to the top.

  • The result:  the Federal Liberals are lower in the polls today (23%) than they were under Dion’s ‘peak’ (26%).
  • The result:  the ‘progressive’ contingent of the Liberal Party of Canada looks to be prepared to take a walk.

The Green Party of Canada AND the NDP are gaining on Canada’s ‘traditional’ parties.

  • The result:  combined, the Green and NDP represent more than 29% of decided voters.  This is a far cry from the 37% that the Cons currently register, but if you were to look at the numbers by riding (which I don’t have), I’m willing to bet that the combined impact would lead to a much higher polling in valuable urban ridings than the Conservative base of rural locations.
  • The result:  it’s conceivable that if an election were held today, the NDP might hold as many seats as the Liberals.

What does this all mean?  The Greens and the NDP MUST drop their gloves, get together, agree on their differences and lead this country into the future.

Let’s face it:  there are only 3-4 central issues that separate the two parties.  We must encourage all of the representatives from both parties to do the following:

  1. Show the door to the leaders of the NDP and the Greens.  I will never vote for the NDP again as long as Jack Layton is in charge, and I think millions of Canadians feel the same way.  He delivered a minority government to Stephen Harper, not once but TWICE.  He has kept this man in power and he has blood on his hands.  Elizabeth May has drifted unsuccessfully to three different ridings in the past and has not chosen winnable ridings.  More importantly, it’s been about Elizabeth May and not the Green Party of Canada in the last three elections.
  2. Get together.  Talk.  Write.  Set up a wiki.  Find your differences and put them aside.  You’ll find that you have more in common than you have keeping you apart.
  3. Create solid, consistent and unique policy.
  4. Pick a single leader with dozens of talented people to support him/her.
  5. Win seats.

With Ignatieff’s Liberals about to implode and the Harper Conservatives poised to make impromptu visits to Geneva to defend their war crimes in Afghanistan, there’s no time like the present to respond to all Canadians with a progressive platform.

It’s that simple.  We need action today, so lobby your local MPs, candidates and the leaders of these two parties.

Canada’s future depends on it.