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March 4, 2012

Understanding the Current Canadian Political Situation

So much is going on in the Canadian political landscape, I really didn’t know where to start. That said, this article tries to cover a lot of the problems that are emerging as a result of treating Canadian voters like commodities to be traded and bought (or suppressed) using modern direct marketing and database mining techniques. What our politicians don’t want us to know is how much THEY actually know about US.

September 12, 2010

Where Would You Go …

Politicians generating demand for their party in the form of a marketing campaign is horrendously old school. It’s time we modernize our way of thinking when it comes to needs vs. wants.

February 20, 2009

Atheists 1. God 0.

The Canadian Freethought Association is out to send their message.  Their official site can be found here . The message is simple:  "There’s Probably No God.  Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Life." On the surface, they’re getting beat up quite badly in their efforts to advertise that there probably (leaving just a hint of doubt) is no God. Ottawa won’t run the bus ads […]