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October 30, 2008

RCMP Officer Caught Vacating Hit and Run Scene

This story is loaded with all kinds of issues that need to be addressed.  SOON. First, there is the question concerning the state of the Robert Dziekanski investigation.  Virtually nothing has happened. Second, the officers who were on duty are still, apparently, on duty. Third, those that are on duty are clearly having issues with the outcome of the Robert Dziekanski situation.  The story quoted […]

October 26, 2008

For Whom the Bailout Tolls

This story offers a nice commentary on some of the excesses associated with the bailouts. AIG, in particular, stands out.  Words like greed and gluttony come to mind.  Excessive greed.  Excessive gluttony.  Why these clowns were bailed out at all is beyond me. There are "claw back" provisions in the big $700 billion bailout passed by Congress three weeks ago, requiring that financial institutions get […]

July 17, 2008

Khadr Tape: The Torture of a Canadian Citizen

After 6 years without charges, Omar Khadr is still being held in Guantanamo. We now see that he’s also being tortured and that CSIS is well in the know about how he’s being treated. Oh, Canada: what are we doing when we let people treat other Canadians like this? What really set me off when these tapes were released was the feedback of one person […]