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October 30, 2008

RCMP Officer Caught Vacating Hit and Run Scene

This story is loaded with all kinds of issues that need to be addressed.  SOON. First, there is the question concerning the state of the Robert Dziekanski investigation.  Virtually nothing has happened. Second, the officers who were on duty are still, apparently, on duty. Third, those that are on duty are clearly having issues with the outcome of the Robert Dziekanski situation.  The story quoted […]

May 12, 2008

US Court Ruling on Tasers Worries Canadian Doctors

In the US, Taser International has won a court order in Ohio that forces a medical examiner to change autopsy reports. Dr. Matthew Stanbrook of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) says the decision doesn’t take into account the difficulty of determining an exact cause of death in almost every case. “If we were required to have at the level of scientific and medical certainty that […]