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Excited Delirium Headlines, May 18, 2012

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A number of headlines related to Excited Delirium came to my attention today:

Hawaii Five-0 Teamsters Official Killed By Police
Hawaii Reporter
asphyxiated by police at his Nanakuli home in February and was in a “cocaine-induced excited delirium” when he died, according to the City Medical
Autopsy Report Released in Death of “Hawaii Five-0” Driver
Hawaii Reporter
they were laying on the decedent while he was in a prone position and struggling during cocaine induced excited delirium,” Dr. Kanthi De Alwis wrote.
Protesters outside Onondaga County call for prosecution in 2010
The commission rejected the county medical examiner’s ruling that Pinet’s death was caused by Pinet being in a state of “excited delirium” caused by cocaine
CIT Training Helps Officers Handle Volatile People, Situations
CIT officers are among the first called when the mentally ill become unruly or show wild behavior such as a violent state known as excited delirium.
Shocker! Tasers May Cause Death
Huffington Post Canada
A number of medical examiners and Taser officials have concluded that in many Taser-related deaths, the cause of death was a case of “excited delirium,”

RCMP Officer Caught Vacating Hit and Run Scene

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This story is loaded with all kinds of issues that need to be addressed.  SOON.

First, there is the question concerning the state of the Robert Dziekanski investigation.  Virtually nothing has happened.

Second, the officers who were on duty are still, apparently, on duty.

Third, those that are on duty are clearly having issues with the outcome of the Robert Dziekanski situation.  The story quoted refers to one of the officers leaving the scene of an accident, raising questions about the moral and ethical compass of at least this one officer.

Sask Police to hold off getting Tasers

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Regualr municipal police in Saskatchewan will not be issued Tasers because of safety concerns.

In Canada, 22 people have died in incidents related to Tasers.

Full CBC story here.

Michigan Police Taser Newlyweds During Reception

Unruly guests bring on a taser response from Michigan police.

Full story here.

US Court Ruling on Tasers Worries Canadian Doctors

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In the US, Taser International has won a court order in Ohio that forces a medical examiner to change autopsy reports.

Dr. Matthew Stanbrook of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) says the decision doesn’t take into account the difficulty of determining an exact cause of death in almost every case.

“If we were required to have at the level of scientific and medical certainty that something was the cause of death, before we were permitted to declare it, most of the people who died in North America would have died of unknown causes,” Stanbrook said.

“It is a physician making their best judgment given all the facts available.”

Stanbrook is deputy editor of the CMA Journal, which last week carried an editorial that expressed discontent with the current research into the effects of Taser use on suspects. The editorial said most of that work was done at the behest of Taser International and needed to be verified by independent researchers.