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US pushing for (at least) one more front

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It’s no secret that the US is “jonesing” to engage in battle with Iran, and the latest ‘booga booga’ event will likely tip the scales and provide all the justification that they’re looking for to engage in some kind of encroachment on Iran.

We know that latest scare tactic against is nothing but that when someone like an official like ex-intelligence analyst Robert Baer joins the chorus of people warning that the US has it all wrong when it comes to policy concerning Iran.

This is exactly the kind of nonsense that brought about WWI and when the US encroaches on Iran, WWIII will be nothing short of official.

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Canada Reaching Up to Touch Botton: Vote Against Human Rights

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In a new shameless low amongst what I was hoping would be the last of shameless lows with the Harpercrite regime, Canada has voted against a resolution to condemn the massive violations of human rights by Israel in Gaza.

Thanks to Canadian Dimension Blog for the head’s up .

And thanks to the Disaffected Lib for his spin on Iggy and Harpie’s perspective on Afghanistan .

Now, I might have understood (but not really) if we were amongst other world leaders in this decision, but CANADA WAS THE ONLY COUNTRY AMONGST 34 OTHERS TO VOTE AGAINST THIS IMPORTANT RESOLUTION .

This is not an area in the global theatre where I’m content with Canada being a ‘trend setter’.

That said, I don’t know what frustrates me more:  the lack vertebrae amongst our so-called leaders or the lack of objective coverage by the country’s media.  Or both.

This is a shameful day.  Once again, Canada has sunk to a new low and will be reaching up to touch bottom.

UN Chief Accuses Israel of War Crimes

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So it’s official now, but when will the Canadian mainstreeam media report on this ?

Let’s wait and see.

Navi Pillay, the UN high commissioner for human rights, has called for "credible, independent and transparent" investigations into possible violations of humanitarian law, and singled out an incident this week in Zeitoun, south-east of Gaza City, where up to 30 Palestinians in one house were killed by Israeli shelling.

Pillay, a former international criminal court judge from South Africa, told the BBC the incident "appears to have all the elements of war crimes".

The accusation came as Israel kept up its two-week-old air and ground offensive in Gaza and dismissed as "unworkable" the UN security council resolution which had called for "an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire".

Canada Declares War on the UN?

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Yesterday, in a shameless and defiant act against the UN, Israeli forces mercilessly pounded a UN-funded Palestinian school in the Gaza strip.  While the number of dead are unconfirmed, most will likely be children. Story here .

Israelis and other claim that the Hamas were using the school as a ‘shield’.  It’s very possible, but still doesn’t vindicate this kind of wrath.

By definition, this should be perceived as an act of war against the UN.  UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon has declared that act "completely unacceptable".

Canada, it seems has also declared an act of war against the UN by showing support for this Israeli action, blaming the Hamas on the deaths of dozens of innocent civilians .

Canada’s junior foreign minister, Peter Kent, said that despite sketchy details on the school strike , it is clear that Hamas "bears the full responsibility for the deepening humanitarian tragedy.

"We really don’t have complete details yet , other than the fact that we know that Hamas has made a habit of using civilians and civilian infrastructure as shields for their terrorist activities, and that would seem to be the case again today," he said in an interview.

He added: "In many ways, Hamas behaves as if they are trying to have more of their people killed to make a terrible terrorist point."

Without full information, members of the Harper regime are quick to blame.  Mr. Harper has said nothing.

Under the Harper regime, Canada has failed yet again to show impartiality towards these situations in the Middle East.  Canada used to be an objective leader.

Shame on you Mr. Harper.  Shame.

Al Qaeda joins ranks of Peter Pan, Zeus

According to this official , there is no Al Qaeda.  The truth about the war on terror becomes more obvious:  identify who benefits and you identify who causes / caused the problems.

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US." Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

For nearly a decade now, we’ve eliminated a substantial swath of social programs that would make Canada a better country so that we could ‘invest’ in the defense industry to the tune of $500 billion, using terrorism as an excuse.

This is clearly a mistake.