May 18, 2022

This’ll Make Wexiteers Lose Their Minds!

By admin

I couldn’t help but laugh … and feel sad for Canada … when I read this article about how the Netherlands is planning to phase out ALL natural gas and related fossil-fuel heating by 2026, making heat pumps mandatory.

Seriously … the Wexiteers and Freedumb rallies will spark up again in Canada if we even whisper something so … intelligent.

I can remember decades ago in Ontario when every lawn in my little universe was ripped up, massive holes dug in and conversions began from classic oil and propane heaters as well as hot-water tanks, furnaces and more to be based on natural gas.

If only we possessed the wisdom of renewables back then (and we did) and installed things like solar rooftops, small wind turbines, geothermal / heat source pumps and more. We could be supplying Holland (that’s the Netherlands, too, just in case you thought more than one country was ‘in on it’)!

Recently, we did an update on our house not too long ago and heat-source pumps were being treated like they were some kind of alchemical magical fairy-dust laden machine that could convert nothing into heat. And it does.

Science works!

But, don’t let that discourage our current government and various provincial governments from plowing more money than ever into digging up dinosaurs to burn.

What a shame that we continue to move backwards when we could be using the subsidies to carbon production and inefficient agri-business to help consumers install heat pumps and other progressive devices in their homes.

What a shame we don’t think to force the alteration of municipal codes on a national basis to require ALL NEW BUILDS be completely independent of carbon fuel needs.

Enjoy your $3.00 / litre gas suckers while oil companies rake in record profits!!