March 20, 2024

Is it finally time for a federal Liberal leadership race?

By admin

Ok … you’ve got me.

You can probably go back to many of my blog articles and find me acting as an apologist for Justin Trudeau and his government.

However, I’m finally throwing in the towel, as they say.

I can’t and won’t continue to support the Trudeau government.

It’s not necessarily the ideology that gets me.

It’s the ineptitude.

The Trudeau government never seems to be ahead of the issues that come down the pipe and they have failed time and again to clamp down on the creators of their own problems:

  • An empty pit with projects like TMX and other carbon creators, conflicting with their faux attempts to remedy Canada’s climate contributions. The Tar Sands are the world’s biggest industrial project and one of the world’s greatest single sources of carbon creation. We either stop supporting them or shut up.
  • Allowing the NDP to be the only voice of progressive politics in Canada … and giving them the political wins with universal dental and pharma plans.
  • Not fighting back against provincial whining about housing when it’s a provincial issue. If you want skilled labour to build the kazillion houses your developer buddies want, you need immigration.
  • Getting caught time and again for mismanaging different portfolios. The one that bugs me the most is their media and communications file. We don’t need bills to cut off communications, Facebook, nor do we need billions in subsidies to billionaire American venture companies and the ‘Canadian’ media companies that they control.
  • Knee-jerk reactions to political situations that they are completely impotent to change.
  • Being whimsical at best when it comes to international bullying to spend more on military. There’s a massive whirdwind of PR and propaganda swirling around the defence industry, trying to goad the Trudeau Liberals into wasting more on military. If they want it, spend it, but spend it on things that matter to Canadians like national emergency rescue and disaster programs.
  • Audits. Where are the freakin audits? Money is being spent without any conditions attached. Who’s negotiating all of these private-sector giveaways unless they seem to want something in return?
  • Letting the CBC spew on about the trucker convoy and anti-vaxxers without offering up proper science and reminders about the need for respecting the social contract.
  • Failed communication with the carbon tax.

For the first couple of years, I was the first in line to excuse mistakes as being part of the growth process. People have to learn how to do things, especially after taking the reigns from Harper and his crew.

Unfortunately, the toxic brew and poison pills left behind by the Harper government (Phoenix anyone? CBC board replacements?) combined with eight years of backtracking has left Canada worse off than it was when Trudeau took up the mantle.

Sure, I will be the first to acknowledge that I would NOT have wanted any other government in charge during the pandemic. They actually made some great decisions and policy choices that saved millions of lives and businesses.

But the shit just continues to hit the fan in disproportionate volumes and they can’t seem to get away from their own disasters, no matter how fast they run.

They also can’t seem to escape blame when they’ve had nothing to do with today’s challenges.

Example:¬†Drug problems in municipalities? How the f*ck is it Trudeau’s fault? And yet, everyone seems to think he alone can do something about a global problem created by greedy pharmaceutical companies and drug dealers. Canadians spend anywhere from 30-40% of their property taxes on policing and yet they can’t seem to do anything about it. That’s because NO ONE is qualified to solve the opioid crisis: not the police, not councilors, not mayors and certainly not the Prime Minister of Canada.

But that doesn’t matter to people that just plain hate Justin Trudeau.

We’ve got about eighteen months before Pierre PoiLIEvre and his ilk take over.

That’s almost enough time to generate a leadership challenge, get some new blood at the front and possibly even win the election.

With Trudeau at the helm?

Canada’s toast.

We’re just like the US, where the parting gift to Canadians will be a new era of Christian fascism.