July 28, 2022

While You Were Busy Sniping at World Leaders About Oil Prices …

By admin

Here’s who you should blame.

Greed is WHAT you should blame.

From April to June, Shell posted RECORD PROFITS to the tune of UKP10 billion.

That’s one quarter alone, beating out all other previous quarters.

Guess what?

That came from you and me.

The highest rates of inflation from gas prices increases have imposed a tax on the cost of living for all citizens of the planet and the oil companies continue with a tune of FUCK YOU.

And when Doug Ford comes along and does something only a Con could do – lower taxes on a good revenue source – the reality is that we’re really the only ones to blame for allowing the whole ‘carbon crazy’ thing to keep going.

Meanwhile, idiots continue to blame the Prime Minister and other people they don’t like for intense increases in prices everywhere while failing miserably to look at the root cause: corporate greed.