December 22, 2022

2022 Story of the Year?

By admin

What’s your vote on the story of the year in 2022?

Was it the unprovoked attack of a sovereign nation (Ukraine) by another, lead by a maniacal arsewipe (Russia, Putin)?

Or the complete impotence with NATO and their sad lack of response to the murder and disruption of millions in Ukraine and ruin of supply chains across the globe, resulting in a broad range of downstream stupidity, including merciless hikes in the Bank of Canada interest rates and/or blaming Trudeau for all that has transpired?

Or is it the complete majority handed over to Doug Ford, who was just salivating at the opportunity to screw Ontario?

Sadly, the reality is that Ontario was already screwed because the potential opposition was limp, tired and recycled from the Dalton Days.

Now, Ontario will be endlessly be assaulted by the highest bidders, with every acre of land in the Greenbelt and beyond becoming available for people that … somehow … managed to buy up protected land before it was unlocked by Doug Ford.




More likely.

All so that we can make way for more McMansions and superhighways that no one in Ontario needs. Or wants.

An inquiry shoudl be held about the backroom dealings that occurred under our noses … but won’t.

Heritage buildings will be torn down as god-awful Russian-style crap shacks are built in once-beautiful downtown areas, largely to accommodate international investors, AirBnB rentals and international university students.

Meanwhile, Canadians will be forced to the streets to find fentanyl and the cold as their hosts.

It’s Pottersville all over again, brought to you by Conservatives everywhere.

Food prices continue to rise rapidly during 2022, largely because of corporate greed and institutional monopolies that we continue to mindlessly support by spending what few dollars we have left after slumlords and interest rates probe our pockets.

Unfortunately, Trudeau has declared that windfall taxes will not be brought about.

How about just fixing our goddamn food supply chain and stop surrendering our bellies to the top of the food chain?

Canada can easily grow food 365/24/7 per year if we install greenhouses with renewable energy sources …

But we won’t.

I suppose another story that is surrounded by solutions we’ll never pursue relate to cars and public transportation. Rather than invest in public transportation for high population areas that anyone can access anytime, we’re relentlessly told that the time is now to buy an over-priced electric car.

We’re not ready for them.

Our governments are looking to people to solve the problems they’re slow to respond to. Where are the charging stations? Where are the extra parking lots for EV cars? Where’s the recycling or holding manufacturers to account for the shit versions they’re making now? Where are the installers for residential use (at least we have a federal incentive to cover the cost)? Where are the provincial electricity authorities making it easy for homeowners to convert their homes to renewable energy?

For every dollar that the government puts into charging stations, where’s the payback for Canadians? Why don’t we just outright own these companies?

The whole thing feels like a trap. I need more before I double down on this stupidity.

I’ll ride my bike or walk instead, but where are the changes we need to municipal code to make pedestrian activity more safe and not just an afterthought or shoulder of what’s effectively a highway in most towns?

We have a LOT of issues going on in the world, but we’ve also got a LOT of solutions.

To implement them, our governments need to START acting on behalf of Canadians and not just the two or three dozen people with all the money.

We just have to make sure Monsieur Mauvaise, aka Pierre Poilievre, doesn’t get any further than the rogues gallery!!

Of course, Pierre’s involvement with the Mother Truckers – aka the Canadian Taliban – will drag him into the footnotes of history. He is on the WRONG side of right and it’ll burn him bad in 2023. At least, a boy can dream, can’t he?

Which reminds me: was the CONvoy the biggest story of 2022? If terrorizing your fellow Canadians warrants even more attention than these angry WEXITeers ever should have received, I’ll be very sad.

I think the guy in Ottawa banging his pots and pans being told by occupiers that he’s annoying is probably THE BEST story of 2022, if only because it made me love at least one more new person this year.

On a personal level, I’m actually quite happy. I’ve implemented some changes in my life that will affect me in positive ways for years to come, so don’t let my rant wreck your day. I really think we can get our governments to play a more active role in making the lives and livelihoods of all Canadians the best and more enviable in the world.

Happy Holidays and ALL the Best in 2023!!!!