December 5, 2022

Ontario’s Bolsonaro Acts on Bill 23, aka the ‘Bulldozer Bill’

By admin

Should the people of Ontario demand an inquiry into the ‘behind the scenes’ corruption going on with Bill 23?

How are people and companies able to buy land that’s been protected?

Doug Ford has proceeded with Bill 23, with its Orwellian label of ‘More Homes Built Faster Act’.

This bill will singlehandedly cripple municipal finances, consolidate power to Queen’s Park, destroy environmentally protected areas (especially the Greenbelt) and line the pockets of Doug Ford’s developer buddies.

It’s disgusting.

Here’s what Ontario Nature has to say about it.

  • Democracy undermined
  • Heritage buildings and areas at risk
  • Power stripped from conservation authorities
  • Regional planning cast aside
  • Wetlands under attack

Here’s Doug Ford saying it as only Doug Ford could say it:

Sadly, the political opposition just doesn’t exist.

The Liberals and NDP tossed forward old reruns of candidates no one wanted to be associated with.

They’d better get their act together quickly before Ontario’s Bolsonaro plows over any and all green spaces in the name of ‘affordability’.

Petitions don’t do much, but I’ll still encourage anyone reading this page to start shouting out about what a nightmare this has become:


Suzuki Foundation:

Environmental Defence (events/protests):

Nature Ontario petition: