November 30, 2023

A Disastrous Month for Pierre PoiLIEvre

By admin

It’s been a complete trainwreck of a month for Pierre PoiLIEvre.

He seemed to be on a bit of a high after getting Faux News and other trash information sites excited about the way he abused a journalist by eating an apple why being flippant and avoiding the questions being asked.

Then, everything seemed to slam into the wall:

  • He COMPLETELY misunderstood the Ukraine trade deal and his carbon pals told him to shout from the rooftops about how it had a ‘carbon clause’ in it. Well, he was profoundly wrong and ignored the fact that the Ukraine already has a carbon tax.
  • ‘Terrorist’ was the first word from his mouth when a disaster occurred on the Niagara Bridge. Wrong again. He then lies and denies saying it was a terrorist attack. This is simply DANGEROUS.
  • It turns out our Prime Minister was correct to suggest concern about the assassination of a Canadian citizen, possibly by a foreign government or agent. In September, PP was basically supporting the Indian actions, prompting many questions that we should be asking now that the US government has identified similar plots and concerns happening on their soil.

Add to this a few evolving stories related to abundant crypto fraud, the proposed Alberta Pension Plan (which thankfully seems to have faded from the media spotlight because it’s madness) and much more.

Folks, the Trump-ettes are out in full force. PP and his pals are going for broke and yelling wolf , worried about the PPC coming in the right.

Not everything is Justin’s fault and I think Canadians are finally starting to realize that the leader of the opposition needs to remain in that position.